Tampines West Cleaners Reportedly Disinfect HDB Lift Buttons Thrice A Day To Prevent Coronavirus Spread

Tampines West Cleaners Are Now Cleaning Public Areas 3 Times A Day

On Tuesday (4 Feb), Singapore reported its first local human-to-human transmission case of the Wuhan coronavirus on. To address the rising concerns, town councils in Singapore are stepping up efforts to keep housing estates clean.

In particular, cleaners in some parts of Tampines disinfected lift buttons thrice a day, compared to just once previously, reported The Straits Times.


Tampines West cleaners now using disinfectant during cleaning

On Wednesday (5 Feb), Environment and Water Resources Minister Mr Masagos Zulkifli inspected an estate in Tampines West where workers were disinfecting lift buttons, railings, and playground equipment. Mr Masagos is also the MP for Tampines West.


They are now reportedly cleaning these areas thrice a day, a significant increase from cleaning it just once a day before.


Instead of using just soap and water, the workers are also using disinfectant now. They were also told to wear gloves while working and sanitise their hands when they are finished.


These measures may appear over-the-top,but they can help prevent the spread of the virus.

Tampines West residents feel more assured with stricter cleaning

Given that the Tampines West estate has “a lot of children and elderly people“, residents are apparently feeling more assured with the stricter cleaning.

Since their immune systems tend to be weaker, the frequent cleanings can help curb the spread of the virus to those who are more vulnerable in our society.

However, personal hygiene remains an important factor and should always be maintained whether we are in a health crisis or not.

Practise good personal hygiene

It is heartening to see town councils increasing the frequency of cleaning efforts in our heartlands so as to curb the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

That said, we can all play a part as individuals too,  by washing our hands with soap regularly and wearing a mask should we feel unwell.

While the threat of the virus is no doubt severe, we can all get through it better if we work together by each doing our part.

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