Tan Chuan-Jin’s Pictures Used On Tinder As ‘Ben’, Netizens Joke He Still Has Game

Pictures Of Tan Chuan-Jin Used To Catfish On Tinder

Recently, some people swiping on Tinder caught sight of a familiar face.

And it’s the face of one of our most renowned politicians Tan Chuan-Jin, who is Speaker of Parliament.

On Thursday (21 Jan), Mr Tan shared that someone has been using his pictures to create a Tinder profile under the moniker ‘Ben’.


Netizens found the whole situation hilarious, joking that this shows Mr Tan still has game.

Pictures of Tan Chuan-Jin used for Ben’s Tinder profile

It seems that just like us, politicians are not exempted from scams and apparently, catfishing.

A certain ‘Ben’ has surfaced on the dating app Tinder in recent days, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.

But the user has been exposed as a catfisher after many others brought this incident to Mr Tan’s attention.

Tan Chuan Jin's tinderSource

‘Ben’ even seems to know Mr Tan pretty well, capturing his sporty lifestyle with interests like hiking, swimming, and running.

Tan Chuan Jin's tinderSource

Mr Tan thanked a netizen for bringing the issue to his attention and reporting the use of his photos by ‘Ben’.

Humorous as ever, Mr Tan jokingly wondered how many right swipes he received, quickly saving himself by saying he has no Tinder experience.


On Instagram, the politician even ended his caption saying, “Please ban Ben”.

Netizens joke that they can’t compete with ‘Ben’

Netizens had a field day laughing about Mr Tan’s ‘strong presence’ on Tinder, assuring him that this shows he definitely still has game.

Many agreed with this netizen that just the photo of him with his cat would have earned him many right swipes of approval.


This netizen even congratulated Mr Tan on this ‘milestone’, saying that many are not popular or attractive enough to get catfished.

Tan Chuan Jin's tinderSource

Another netizen went one step further, giving Mr Tan’s ego a great boost, saying that they had to ban ‘Ben’ from Tinder or the other guys will not stand a chance.


Well, we can’t disagree with that, it’ll definitely be a challenge competing with someone like Mr Tan.

Kudos to Mr Tan for taking it in his stride

This has to be one of Mr Tan’s most interesting troubles as a public figure in Singapore. Previously, it was of someone mistaking him for Minister Chan Chun Sing.

Tan Chuan Jin Gets Mistaken For Chan Chun Sing, Claps Back At Twitter User With “Inner Beng”

Kudos to him for taking things in his stride and giving the public a good laugh about it.

Jokes aside, although catfishing per se is not illegal, it still isn’t right.

So if you come across ‘Ben’ on Tinder, do report him and get him banned so other guys stand a chance on the dating app.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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