Man ‘Shouts’ At Girlfriend In Taxi, Driver Gives Fatherly Advice On Dealing With Abuse

Singaporean Taxi Drivers Give Woman Advice On Abuse After Seeing Couple ‘Argue’

Despite being virtual strangers to us, taxi drivers have been a source of some of the most wholesome interactions.

Recently, they warmed the hearts of Singaporeans again when they were seen giving meaningful advice to passengers.

The exchange came about after two actors posing as a couple staged an argument in a taxi to see how drivers would react to mistreated passengers.

taxi drivers pep talk

Source: TikTok

The taxi drivers involved ended up giving a pep talk to the ‘girlfriend’, touching viewers’ hearts.

Singaporeans pose as couple & argue in taxi to raise awareness of domestic abuse

The argument was part of a social experiment by non-profit organisation Colours Global that went viral on its TikTok account.

@coloursglobal🚨viewer discretion is advised 🚨 When a couple enters into a taxi in the midst of a tense conversation between them, it soon quickly escalates into the boyfriend using names and shouting at his girlfriend. How will the taxi drivers respond? RUOK is another segment where we want to show that there is always an option for kindness and graciousness in every situation and that we can stand up for injustice and for the weak. If you need help 👇🏼 National Anti-Violence & Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH) 1800-777-0000   Samaritans of Singapore(SOS) 1800-221-4444 Singapore Association for Mental Health 1800-283-7019♬ DON’T LET GO – KWADI

It aimed to raise awareness of domestic abuse in Singapore by reenacting events that happened in real life, including verbal abuse.

Furthermore, it highlighted a disturbing statistic that one out of every 10 women in Singapore experience lifetime physical violence by a male.

At the start of the video, a man and a woman were shown entering a taxi, with the former immediately going off on his ‘girlfriend’.

The actor scolded ‘Jess’ for being late and consistently making him wait for her, all while steadily raising his tone of voice.

Despite her attempts to reason with him, he doubled down on his frustrations and even began gaslighting her.

The argument escalated further as he began hurling insults at his ‘girlfriend’ and questioning why they were together.

taxi drivers pep talk

Source: TikTok

As he exited the car, he threatened to end the relationship if she was late again, and slammed the door angrily.

Taxi drivers give advice & encourage her to rethink relationship

After the man left, ‘Jess’ apologised to one of the taxi drivers, to which he said it was no problem.

The video then cut to the other taxi driver, who asked her if she was okay.

taxi drivers pep talk

Source: TikTok

Upon confirming that the man was her boyfriend, he asked, “Then can he criticise his girlfriend like that?”.

He added, “How can you let him treat you like that? You’re a human being.”.

On top of that, he implied that he would not treat someone he loves in this manner.

Meanwhile, the first taxi driver said that the way her ‘boyfriend’ handled the matter was not right.

Clearly upset by the man’s actions, he said that he would have beaten him up if ‘Jess’ were his daughter or sister.

He also said, perhaps half-jokingly, that he already had half a mind to scold him for slamming his car door.

taxi drivers pep talk

Source: TikTok

Both of them also advised ‘Jess’ to reconsider the relationship, with one asking her to consider whether the man was worth her time.

Taxi drivers relieved to find out argument was an act

Later on, the taxi drivers shared details about their personal lives as they continued offering ‘Jess’ advice.

One of them said that he is currently in his second marriage, which has given him some deeper insight into relationships.

Source: TikTok

He implored the woman to ask herself if this was someone she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

While he wanted to withhold judgment, he told her that if he were her mother, he would ask her to look for a better partner.

Meanwhile, the other taxi driver offered her advice that he often told his own son: one “loses out” the second they show their anger.

Soon after, the woman revealed to the taxi drivers that the argument was, in fact, staged and a social experiment.

One of the drivers revealed that it was a relief for him.

Source: TikTok

When asked why he decided to offer the woman advice, the driver revealed that he has a daughter of his own.

‘Jess’ clarified that the man acting as the abusive ‘boyfriend’ is a nice person in reality, and the driver quipped that “it is a happy ending then”.

She ended the video by thanking the driver for letting them carry out the experiment.

Viewers share personal experiences with verbally abusive people

The taxi drivers’ initiative in showing the woman support struck a chord with many viewers, prompting some of them to share their personal experiences.

One commenter said their mother, brother, and themselves had faced the same abuse as ‘Jess’ due to their drivers pep talk

Source: TikTok

Another viewer recalled when a Grab driver comforted them during a ride after they broke down over an ex-partner.

Source: TikTok

One other commenter admitted the video made them cry without them realising, as they wished someone could have told them all this when they were with an abusive boyfriend.

taxi drivers pep talk

Source: TikTok

Via the video’s caption, Colours Global listed a few resources that those in need can reach out to, such as Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) and the National Anti-Violence & Sexual Harassment Helpline (NAVH).

If you or someone you know needs help, please get in touch with the above organisations at 1800-777-0000 and 1800-221-4444, respectively.

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