ComfortDelGro Taxis Delivering Medical Supplies To Patients Staying Home

As the Covid-19 situation worsens, taxi drivers saw a decline in business but have since found new ways to put their skills in good use — by helping to deliver food.

ComfortDelGro Food Delivery Service Lets Cabbies Keep 100% Of Fees To Boost Their Income

On Tuesday (2 Jun), taxi company ComfortDelGro announces an expansion of their delivery services named ComfortDelivery.

Apart from food and groceries, cabbies are now transporting essential medical supplies as well.


Public healthcare institutions (PHI) can now engage taxi drivers to make a direct delivery of medication to patients who require regular refills during Phase 1 of our nation’s reopening.

Taxi drivers now delivering medication, on top of food & groceries

Since 29 Apr, taxi company ComfortDelGro has been providing delivery services, engaging cabbies to transport food and groceries.


Currently, around 10,000 taxi drivers are reportedly participating in ComfortDelivery.

In a statement released on Tuesday (2 Jun), the company introduced an extension to the initiative — cabbies are now helping to deliver essential medical supplies too.


PHIs can hire them to deliver medications to their patient’s homes, in a safe and secured manner.

Cabbies trained to transport medical supplies

To ensure transporting conditions are optimal, cabbies are trained to double-check the surrounding temperature and keep the parcels away from direct sunlight.

They also have to follow a standard procedure to verify the identity of the recipient to make sure the medication reaches the intended patient.

Like any ComfortDelivery service involving food and groceries, taxi drivers will receive the full fee for their hard work.


Support our taxi drivers

We hope taxi drivers can restore their livelihoods as more people head back to work in Phase 1 of our nation’s recovery.

If you are a citizen commuting, you might want to consider using ComfortDelGro’s promo code “BAW05” to get $5 off your total fare.

If you need medication, food, or groceries delivered to your house during these difficult times, why not give ComfortDelivery a try? Not only will it save you the hassle of heading out, but you’ll also be helping to provide our taxi drivers with some additional income.

Featured image adapted from Facebook & Facebook.