11 Teens Met At Boon Lay POSB To ‘Settle’ Dispute, Now Face Up To 5 Years’ Jail & Fine

Teens Left Home During ‘Circuit Breaker’ To ‘Settle’ Dispute In Boon Lay, Now Charged In Court

As we inch closer towards the end of ‘Circuit Breaker’, Singaporeans are now all too familiar with social distancing measures.

However, a group of teenagers decided to meet up to settle a dispute on Monday (25 May) at Block 221 Boon Lay Place. Some of them were allegedly holding knives.


The 11 of them are now facing court charges for unlawful gatherings and flouting Covid-19 rules, reported TODAY Online.

Teens met up at Boon Lay ATM

The group of teenagers comprises 10 boys and a girl, aged between 16 and 19, who apparently met up for the purpose of a “settlement talk”.

According to TODAY Online, the teens gathered in 2 separate packs on Monday night (25 May) around 11.10 pm.

The meeting location was at a POSB ATM at Block 221 Boon Lay Place — Boon Lay Shopping Centre.


Teens allegedly armed with weapons

Furthermore, a few of the teens allegedly brought knives to the scene, as stated in court documents.

The “settlement talk” was said to have erupted into a knife fight, and they were all charged for assembling unlawfully to hurt others.

4 of them were also previously involved in a rioting incident on 12 Mar at Boon Lay Interchange.

Boon Lay Interchange

For this offence, they face a maximum 5 years’ jail, a fine, caning, or any combination of these penalties.

Also charged for flouting Covid-19 regulations

As the teens were meeting for an “unpermitted social purpose”, all 11 are also charged for violating Regulation 6 of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Regulations 2020.

This regulation prohibits any person from meeting another individual not living in the same household for any social purpose.

For this, they are looking at punishments of maximum 6 months’ jail, a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

According to TODAY Online, the accused teens will be heading back to court next month. Some of them are also detained for investigations.

Practise social distancing responsibly

Though we are exiting ‘Circuit Breaker’ very soon, Phase 1 still calls for citizens to social distance responsibly.

S’poreans Still Can’t Socialise With Friends After 1 Jun, Restriction Will Continue In Phase 1

Therefore, be it to settle disputes or to meet a friend, non-essential trips remain illegal.

Hopefully, citizens can remain cooperative until the arrival of Phase 2.

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