M’sian Man Buys Teh Peng & Gets Mostly Ice, Asks Businesses Not To Trick Customers

Man Talks Business Ethics After Getting Teh Peng Packet Full Of Ice

Amidst the rising costs of living, both consumers and businesses are fighting to stay afloat.

One man in Malaysia seemed to have reached his final straw after purchasing a packet of teh peng or iced milk tea to go.

His packet drink appeared to have had more ice than the beverage itself.

Source: Facebook

Frustrated, the OP spoke about business ethics and urged businesses not to cheat their customers.

Man gets more ice than teh despite paying more

In a viral Facebook post on 2 Sep, the OP penned his thoughts following his purchase.

He began by saying that stealing and lying in business does exist.

Source: Facebook

The OP then gave what seemed to be a hypothetical situation, stating that if the price of an item has increased, the quantity should at least remain the same.

After all, the customer has paid the higher price.

However, if the business decides to reduce the quantity and increase the proportion of ice to drink despite increasing the price, they are stealing and lying.

The OP was presumably talking about his own experience, as attached to the post was an image of a packet drink seemingly filled to the brim with ice.

He appeared to have finished most of the drink, with only a precious sip or two left at the bottom of the packet.

Says that businesses shouldn’t cheat & steal from customers

Thereafter, the OP said that he understands if the business is facing higher costs.

However, he noted that the increase in price should have already covered these margins.

He then urged businesses not to engage in such profiteering practices.

What’s more, customers will feel victimised due to such acts.

One commenter noted that there isn’t much that a customer can do in the situation.

Source: Facebook

They lamented that the businesses are acting as though they’re the ones suffering the most in this economy.

As such, the commenter said that perhaps boycotting these businesses would be the easiest way around it.

Meanwhile, another user pointed out that the same is happening to other goods and items — not just drinks.

Source: Facebook

They questioned why businesses are reducing the size and quantity of their offerings when the prices are already higher.

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