Thai Woman Slaps & Strips Prostitute Hired By Her Husband, Police Investigations Ongoing

Thai Woman Storms Into Brothel & Beats Up Prostitute, Police Investigations Ongoing

British playwright William Congreve wrote that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. A Thai woman proved this true when she burst into a brothel and ripped a towel off a prostitute, before proceeding to attack her viciously.

Her husband had apparently hired the prostitute and already left the establishment when the incident took place.

Footage of the assault was captured on cameras, and investigations by local police into the brothel are now ongoing.

Thai woman assaults prostitute in brothel

The Daily Mail reports that the incident took place in Phuket, Thailand, on Wednesday (25 Jan).

The woman had apparently found pictures of the prostitute on her husband’s phone, before following him to a massage parlour.

When she entered the brothel, her husband had already left but the prostitute was sitting on a chair, wrapped in a towel.

A local lawyer, Anantarak Pathin, posted a five-minute clip of the assault.

In the video, the woman ripped the towel off the prostitute’s body, exposing her before kicking and slapping her violently.

She also stood on top of the victim, pulling her hair and trying to snatch her phone away.

At the time of the incident, several women were standing around the duo, looking on as the situation unfolded.

The victim repeatedly apologised throughout the assault, claiming she was unaware of her client’s marriage, adding, “I will stop seeing him.”

Investigations into assault ongoing

Local police are now investigating the massage parlour, 8world News reports.

“Officers are checking where the incident occurred. Nobody recognises that massage place,” Colonel Sarawut Chuprasit said.

He added that thus far, there have been no complaints from any of the parties involved in the assault. However, he urged the victim to report the incident, upon which they will investigate it urgently for her.

Mr Pathin said he had received details of the alleged attack.

He confirmed that it occurred at a brothel in Phuket, where the victim had been having an affair with the woman’s husband.

“The assault is a criminal offence and the victim can report it to the police,” Mr Pathin said. “I think the attack is extremely severe because several people were in the room and witnessed the slapping and stripping.”

He added that it was unacceptable for the woman to have stripped the victim naked, urging authorities to investigate the matter fully.

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Featured image adapted from The Daily Mail.

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