Letter: Why I’d Like To Thank Covid-19

MustShareMail: The Good That Came With Covid-19 Pandemic

This widespread devastation of the Covid-19 pandemic swept us off our feet and we scrambled to make sense of our new reality — face mask, hand sanitiser, loss of jobs, circuit breakers, and P2HA. It’s so easy to be caught up in the bad, but what about the good?

It made me realise that my loved ones aren’t omnipotent, that my mum and dad, my siblings and niblings, my best friends and partner, don’t have superpowers that render them immune to Covid-19.

For that, I am thankful.

No longer taken for granted, I spend more time with my family and make our home as Covid-unfriendly as possible — booking booster shots for my folks and ART-ing our noses when there’s so much as a sniffle.

The days of muting my group chats and declining to meet up were long gone! We
frightfully plan for a simple dinner and waited with bated breath that our 5-men kakis were allowed to go to HaiDiLao to get our fairy wands. Time spent together now is so precious, and a much-needed reminder that this is our new normalcy and we are all working hard together as a team.

It’ll always be us against Covid-19.

It also helped me uncover what’s beneath the cold exterior of our community — a big heart radiating warmth. Seeing news of people equipping lifts with hand sanitisers to food delivery riders going the extra mile, I understood that kindness begets kindness. Inspired by their altruism, I put on my pair of helping hands too.

Someday, I hope this domino effect will make its way to you too.

Not forgetting our backbones, the ones steering our little red dot’s wheel away from all the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and more, the government. Casting a protective net to catch everyone, SupportGoWhere renewed our strength as food vendors, dismissed employees, self-employed persons to everyday ordinary citizens. Passing out rations in the form of masks and more masks to incentivising seniors’ vaccination shots, they gave us the tools in our war against the virus.

There’s a lot to complain about the downsides of Covid-19 but by opening our eyes, you’ll realise there is actually a lot to be thankful for too.

Eve Tan

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