Japan Reopens Theme Parks, Forbids Screaming On Rollercoasters Due To Covid-19

Japan’s Covid-19 Theme Park Guidelines Includes ‘No Screaming’ Rule

As Covid-19 cases decrease in Japan, theme parks like Universal Studio Japan (USJ) are looking to reopen theme park doors.


This is good news for the adrenaline seekers, looking for an action-packed experience after a month-long hiatus.

However, with Covid-19 risks still prevalent, Japanese theme parks have introduced guidelines to protect visitors.

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This includes social distancing measures on rollercoasters and wearing a mask at all times.

No screaming on rollercoasters

East Japan and West Japan Theme Park Associations were the agents behind this set of guidelines which is apparently signed by parks like Tokyo Disneyland and USJ.

We can expect post-Covid theme park trips to look like no interaction shows and extra hand-washing protocols.


Visitors and employees must don face masks at all times and ride disinfection has to be done regularly.

Disappointingly, the guideline also urges park-goers to refrain from “talking loudly” or “screaming” at outdoor attractions.


Though we understand that’s to limit the spread of Covid-19 through sprays of micro-water droplets, but swallowing our screams on a thrilling ride will indeed be challenging.

Social distancing in theme parks

Under the “basic infection rules”, they also encourage parks to maintain a 1-metre distance between people in queues.

This is seen in Shanghai Disneyland that recently reopened its doors to visitors.


Furthermore, seats are also blocked out to ensure safe-distancing on rides which could be a new normal for riding with your loved ones.

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Visitors can also expect certain indoor facilities – Virtual Reality rides for instance – to be temporarily unavailable due to the difficulty in upholding disinfection and safe-distancing measures.

Hope theme parks can reopen soon

Well, though we may not have a companion on our next scary ride, at least there is great effort to keep us safe on our day out.

Certainly, the reopening of leisure spots overseas is the first step to resuming a sense of normalcy.

As we exit the ‘Circuit Breaker’ next week and enter new recovery phases, hopefully, we can see our very own Universal Studios Singapore open up as well — albeit with these new rules in place to ensure our safety.

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