The Thiel Foundation Will Give You S$135,000 If You Drop Out Of Uni Before 22 & Have Great Ideas

The Thiel Foundation Will Fund Your Revolutionary Start-Up Ideas If You’re Under 22

Singaporeans are often told that going to university and getting a degree is the safest route to a successful life. But not everyone is suited to an academic life – some have big ideas that have to be executed now.

This foundation will put your ideas and dreams to the test. Think you’re the next Zuckerberg or Bill Gates? Prove it.


The Thiel Foundation offers a US$100,000 (S$134,800) fellowship to university drop outs who are ready to change the world, so if you think you’re too cool for school, this is your chance.

One of the most elite fellowships on Earth

The Fellowship is the brainchild of its namesake, Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur.

On its website, it says that its main hope is to help “young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom.”


Over the course of 2 years, the Thiel Foundation will dole out the money in the form of a grant to help Fellows set up companies to produce revolutionary new ideas.

Fellows will also get to benefit from the Foundation’s network, and have the rare opportunity to meet founders, investors, and scientists at the cutting edge of their industries.

Can drop out from any uni on Earth

Even though Thiel is a technologist, there is no subject matter requirement to apply. All they ask is that you have an idea and a “concrete vision” on how to achieve it.

You can apply at any time of year, from anywhere on Earth. The only other requirements are that you must be 22 or younger, and you must drop out of university.


That’s right. You must drop out or skip university altogether.

The Thiel Foundation is looking for bright minds bored of sitting in classrooms, and are itching to “pursue ideas that matter” and “take on big risks”.

Thiel Foundation Fellows have gone on to do great things

The Foundation selects 20-30 Fellows every year. According to their website, past Fellows have gone on to do anything from starting nonprofits to creating consumer products, launching media companies to building hardware.

There’s a lot of freedom given to Fellows as well, as they do not believe in restricting those with the creativity to think big.

So you heard it here first. If you’re always told that you should “wake up your idea”, and think the world doesn’t need to wait for you to graduate, you can apply for the Fellowship here.

Featured image adapted from and The SMU Blog.

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