11 Things Singaporean SEA Games Athletes Have Been Up To Apart From Winning Gold Medals

Here’s 11 more reasons why SEA Games athletes are perfect

After you finish reading this, you might be wondering whether I over-stalked the social media of athletes just to write this article. But I’ll just tell you now.

That’s exactly what I did. #NoShame

Aaaaaanywaaay. This my friends, is how you would look like after a lifetime of training pays off at the SEA Games:

sea games athletesSource

The first thing you think of isn’t standing on the podium, but lying on the track from exhaustion (at least it’s the good kind).

That’s why behind every race, swim or goal, comes rest, laughter and even reflection.

Here’s your SEA Games athletes the way you’re not used to seeing them:

1. Chilling at the SEA Games’ very own trick eye museum

sea games athletes 1 (3)Source
sea games athletes 1Source

How I can tell she’s an athlete:

I can’t do that.

2. Taking selfies with PM Lee

sea games athletes 10Source

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that of all the people who could be holding the selfie stick in this photo, our PM is the one doing it.

3. Taking PM Lee on at a game of pool

When the Prime Minister doesn’t wait like royalty for you to arrange pool balls but does it himself:

sea games athletes 2Source


sea games athletes 2 (1)Source

He seriously deserves a ‘Coolest PM in Singapore History’ feature in my future child’s social studies textbook.

4. Getting trashed by PM Lee at Jenga

I don’t actually know who won. It was just an intelligent guess.

sea games athletes 3Source

To find out more about his other talents, please refer to Google because we could write a book on this.

5. Gettin’ dem nails done

sea games athletes 4Source

You now have one more reason to love Shanti Pereira – because she’s such a girlfraaan, and one more reason to love me – because you now have her Insta. *wink*

6. Guest star on talk shows

sea games athletes 7Source

All in a day’s work…. all in a day’s – hey, is that a netballer I see on your insta? *wink*

7. Get engaged in front of fans in the stadium

I can’t decide which camp is bigger: the broken hearts of Lance Tan fan girls or the people who think this is #RelationshipGoals.

sea games athletes 8Source


sea games athletes 8 (1)Source

I know which side I’m on.

8. Being perfect Donating sports earnings to charity

sea games athletes 9Source

It’s illegal for Joseph Schooling to be such a bae this nice. Stahp.

9. Paying tribute to victims of the Sabah Earthquake

sea games athletes 5Source
sea games athletes 5 (1)Source

The soft side of our table tennis team is making my heart melt. Awwwwwww.

10. Mourning with the rest of the nation

These are the Team SG softballers and Young Lions forgetting about who wins or loses for a minute:

sea games athletes 6 (1)Source
sea games athletes 6

11. Making a difference in the Sabah quake survivors’ lives

Young Lion Sahil Suhaimi made his number one fan, aka Sabah quake survivor Emil Uzayr’s day by surprising him at the hospital.

Sahil Suhaimi 1Source

Read this for more bragging about Sahil Super-haimi.

11 more reasons why SEA Games athletes are perfect is proudly brought to you by yours truly.

But I know what all of you truly care about, so, Joseph Schooling’s Insta and Twitter: @josephschooling and @joschooling

You’re more than welcome.

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