S’poreans Say Goodbye To TraceTogether Otter, Hope It Reappears In Other Places

Singaporeans Bid Farewell To TraceTogether Otter As Restrictions Ease On 26 Apr

While Singaporeans look forward to the lifting of Covid-19 measures, such as TraceTogether and SafeEntry check-ins at most places, some realise we are also bidding a bittersweet farewell to one character we came to love.

On Friday (22 Apr), Class 95 radio DJs Muttons In The Morning shared a photo of the TraceTogether otter and said they will lowkey miss the little one.

TraceTogether otter

Source: Muttons In The Morning on Facebook

The Facebook post later went viral, garnering over 1,700 shares at the time of writing.

Many Singaporeans echoed that they would miss the adorable otter, but some also said they wouldn’t miss the app.

TraceTogether otter first appeared in Nov 2021

In Nov 2021, TraceTogether shared several updates to the app. The most prominent was the plain white SafeEntry check-in page that transformed into mint green with an otter swimming above it.

New SafeEntry Check-In Shows An Otter Swimming On Top If You’re Cleared


And over the months, Singapore residents grew accustomed to seeing the adorable otter whenever we checked in to places.

Its cute smiling face swimming across screens helps staff verify that the check-in page is not a screenshot.

TraceTogether otter

Source: MS News

Plus, it added an element of fun and cheekiness to the otherwise mundane process of checking in and out.

Netizens will miss the otter, not the app

On Friday (22 Apr) night, Class 95 radio DJs Muttons In The Morning talked about the little otter on their Facebook page, right after it was announced that only higher-risk settings would require TraceTogether and SafeEntry check-ins.

Since then, the radio DJs’ post got over 1,700 shares, and many netizens commented that they too would miss the little one.

Some hoped that the otter would be used for something else in the future, and this was not goodbye.

Source: Muttons In The Morning on Facebook

However, most expressed that while they will miss the otter, they certainly will not miss the TraceTogether app, as this netizen aptly sums up.

TraceTogether otter

Source: Muttons In The Morning on Facebook

But some also pointed out that it isn’t exactly goodbye yet.

Source: Muttons In The Morning on Facebook

After all, we would still need to use TraceTogether and SafeEntry in higher-risk settings, such as F&B establishments and large-scale events.

Hope otter reappears in other forms

Singapore has been using the TraceTogether app for 2 years now. And the little otter addition had certainly been well-loved since it appeared on our screens.

As our nation eases restrictions on 26 Apr, we will see its cute face a lot less often — and as adorable as it looks, we hope the situation stays this way.

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Featured image by MS News & adapted from Muttons In The Morning on Facebook.

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