TraceTogether Token Looks Like AirPods Case, Senior Citizens Will Receive Them First

1st Batch Of TraceTogether Tokens Given Out To Senior Citizens Without Smartphones

Much ado has been made of the TraceTogether tokens, but after clarifications about their privacy, the Government is giving them out from Sunday (28 Jun).

The 1st batch of tokens will go to senior citizens who don’t own a smartphone and whom are at higher risk of contracting Covid-19.

We also got our first look at the token design, and for some reason it looks like an AirPod case.

Image courtesy of Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG)

Senior citizens will get token via house visits

The Silver Generation Office (SGO) will be making house visits to senior citizens, especially those who fit the following criteria:

  • arephysically frail
  • live alone
  • have poor family support
  • are not digitally connected, i.e. don’t have a smartphone

This will ease any potential burden on them to receive the token and subsequently use them, because they may not go collect the tokens otherwise.

Tokens have 6-9 months’ battery life

Each token has a unique QR code, linked to the recipient. This means there’s no risk of mistaken identity.

The token is expected to have around 6-9 months’ battery life. You can read more about the battery life here.

TraceTogether Token Works 9 Months Without Charging & Doesn’t Track Locations

With no GPS, there’s no risk of the AirPod case tracking your location.

Doesn’t reveal identity or track location

As explained before, the device lacks any GPS functions.


Data is also encrypted and stored only for 25 days, before it’s automatically deleted.

Token in midst of improvement

While senior citizens are receiving the 1st batch, the token’s design is being further improved, which means they may not always look like a case for wireless earphones.

What we do know at the moment is that GovTech are working with the tech community, with bidding tenders for the next stage in development.

Token important for contact tracing

As we all know, it’s currently Phase 2 and speedy identifying of close contacts is important for authorities in contact tracing.

Because many senior citizens may not have a smartphone, an easily-carriable device is the next best thing for that purpose.

Featured image adapted from SNDGG and GearPatrol.

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