Govt Giving Out TraceTogether Tokens From 14 Sep, Find Out Where Using TokenGoWhere

As Singapore opens up the country gradually, there is a need to keep up contact tracing efforts so that we can track the trajectory of Covid-19 cases.

From Monday (14 Sep), authorities will start giving out TraceTogether tokens to Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar areas, they said in a press statement.

Image provided by Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG)

The tokens will be given out nationally, but these areas have priority as they contain many seniors vulnerable to Covid-19.

The technology is going to have a bigger role soon as well, as Smart Nation Initiative Minister-In-Charge Vivian Balakrishnan revealed in a virtual press conference.

Read on to find out the things authorities are trying with TraceTogether.

TraceTogether may be used for check-ins

Currently, the TraceTogether app is left turned on for the purpose of contact tracing.

But Dr Balakrishnan said that they’ll be piloting a programme which’ll use TraceTogether – be it the app or token – for check-ins at certain places.

The places may be large venues or those where activities may result in masks not worn at all times.

As Singapore prepares to allow larger events and conferences, this is the next step in ensuring safety without banning them completely.

TraceTogether will help track close proximity, lower cluster risk

Elaborating on TraceTogether’s increased role, Dr Balakrishnan noted that authorities wish to track close proximity, and not just those who enter the buildings.

SafeEntry as it is now can only track the latter, but TraceTogether will help with the former.

So, we can’t really avoid using TraceTogether in the future, although adoption is entirely optional.

If the pilot programme works, authorities can use TraceTogether to lower the risk of large clusters and reopen places.

TokenGoWhere website for collection details

Those who prefer not to use the app or do not own a smartphone can find out where to collect your token using the TokenGoWhere website.

As with other websites, you’ll simply need to key in your postal code to find out where you can collect your token.


Be sure to show your grandparents or relatives who may need to use the token this site, or guide them.

Collect your token from 14 Sep

While MOH hasn’t announced the venues where TraceTogether will be used for check-ins, they’ll soon test them out at large venues.

This may be places like the Suntec Convention Centre or Expo.

If all goes well, we may soon have more events, conferences and meetings physically.

At the same time, TraceTogether will aid in the safety measures to ensure that we can gather in larger numbers.

If you don’t wish to use your TraceTogether app, you can collect the free token from Monday (14 Sep) onwards.

Featured image adapted from TokenGoWhere and Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG).