Traffic Police & LTA Team Up To Nab Speedsters Over 5 Days, They Also Check For Illegally Modified Vehicles

Traffic Police & LTA Conduct Joint Enforcement Ops Across S’pore Hot Spots From 22-27 Mar

When it comes to road accidents in Singapore, speeding is a major cause.

Many road users have called for tougher enforcement on those who threaten safety by going above the speed limit.

The authorities have seemingly taken heed, as the Traffic Police (TP) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) have joined hands to nab speedsters on our roads.


Over 5 days, they issued 71 summonses and found 54 illegal modifications to vehicles.

Joint operation started on 22 Mar

In a Facebook post on Saturday (27 Mar), the LTA said the joint operation with the Singapore Police Force (SPF) had just ended.


Unknown to the public, the 2 public agencies started this operation on 22 Mar, reported The Straits Times (ST).

Obviously, in order not to warn potential offenders beforehand, the ops was revealed only after it ended.

Yishun Dam was one of the locations

One of the locations where the operation was conducted was Yishun Dam.


The long, straight road has been the scene of more than one accident, thanks to its popularity with motorcycles, cyclists, heavy vehicles and people wanting to fish and gaze at the horizon.

In the wee hours of Saturday (27 Mar) morning, TP & LTA stopped numerous cars and motorcycles for inspection.


Vehicles thoroughly inspected

The media observed the officers giving each vehicle a very thorough inspection indeed.

That included checking the engines inside the bonnets of cars.


They were also seen crouching down on the ground to check and listen to the revving of exhaust pipes for illegal modifications.


The officers also looked out for illegal add-ons, like lights, and non-compliant tinted windows.


Checking speed of passing vehicles

Farther down the road, a police officer was stationed with a laser speed camera, checking the speed of passing vehicles.


According to ST, some of the vehicles drove past at speeds of up to 83 km/h – 33 km/h over the road’s speed limit.

Unfortunately for them, their licence plate numbers would’ve been caught.

Summonses would follow shortly after.

71 summonses issued during operation

According to the LTA, a total of 71 summonses were issued in total during the whole operation.

They didn’t elaborate on how many of them were issued for speeding.


However, the LTA also said that 54 vehicles were found to have illegal modifications.

LTA urges motorists to follow rules

The LTA also urged all motorists to follow the rules.

That includes keeping within speed limits and not breaking the guidelines for illegal modifications.

Most importantly, they should drive carefully, as speeding and illegal modifications only put yourself and other road users – potentially your loved ones too – in danger.

The TP was quoted as saying by ST that it takes “serious view” of those who flout traffic rules, and will regularly hold enforcement operations at accident hot spots.

Irresponsible driving harms lives

Singaporeans read about bad road accidents in the news daily, so we should be very aware that irresponsible driving harms lives.

Speeding and illegally modifying your vehicle puts the public in danger, and strict and regular enforcement by the authorities is important in discouraging these actions.

Kudos to the TP and LTA for keeping our roads safe by catching errant motorists.

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Featured images adapted from Shin Min Daily News’ Facebook.

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