Tray Return Standees At Hawker Centres Defaced With Stickers, NEA Urges Public To Stop

Paste Entry Stickers On Boards Provided, Says Clean & Green Singapore

Near the end of last year, Singaporeans were advised to return their trays at hawker centres or face a fine.

At about the same time, these places started conducting vaccination checks to allow for groups of up to 5 people.

The confluence of these 2 developments has resulted in a unique sight: “okay for dine-in” stickers being pasted on standees that advise people to return their trays after dining in.


The National Environment Agency (NEA) has urged the public to kindly refrain from doing so.

Standees sport extra ‘decorations’

Clean and Green Singapore (CGS) is a campaign spearheaded by the NEA, which “aims to inspire Singaporeans to care for and protect our common spaces and environment by adopting a clean, green and sustainable lifestyle”.

On their Facebook page, they usually post on recycling and reducing waste, but on Thursday (20 Jan) they turned their attention to their hawker centre standees.


Apparently, some of the standees don’t get no respect – with CGS spotting what it called “extra decorations” on them.

At least 1 standee was covered with so many stickers that its entire message was obscured.


The unfortunate model whose visage is getting disfigured daily now really has no face to show people.

Public advised to use boards

CGS pointed out that boards are provided at hawker centres for patrons to paste the entry stickers after use.

Thus, they sought the cooperation of the public to use the boards for this purpose, instead of the standees.

They described the defaced standees as “unsightly”.

Worse still, “much time and effort” is spent repairing them.

Stickers also a waste of resources: Netizen

Some netizens were unsympathetic, calling for the stickers to be scrapped.


After all, they’re a waste of resources besides being an eyesore, another said.


One comment, probably jokingly, referred to the blemished standees as an “art piece”.


Dispose of stickers properly

The stickers are certainly an extra feature of our daily lives that weren’t necessary a few years ago.

While some might call their usage into question, they’re here to stay until things change.

Sadly, besides standees, people have been sticking them on places like escalators, bus stops and even plants.

It’s only right that we properly dispose of them just like we do our rubbish. If you don’t care about the environment, at least spare a thought for the cleaners who have to remove them.

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Featured images adapted from Clean & Green Singapore on Facebook.

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