Returning Of Trays At Hawker Centres Will Be Enforced From 1 Sep, Repeat Offenders Face Up To $2K Fine

Diners Must Return Trays & Plates At Hawker Centres From 1 Jun, Rule Will Be Enforced From 1 Sep

Many of us have been taught to clean up after ourselves since young. But for some reason, we tend to forget about it when we’re out dining at hawker centres.

From 1 Jun, all diners must clear trays and other litter on the table before leaving. There will be an advisory period for the first 3 months.


This rule will be enforced by September, and repeat offenders may face hefty fines and even be hauled to court.

Returning of trays will be enforced from 1 Sep

From 1 Sep, diners who fail to clean up after themselves at hawker centres will face enforcement actions.

Cleaning up doesn’t just refer to the returning of trays and plates but also clearing litter like tissues, straws, and canned drinks.


It’ll also be mandatory for diners to pick up items that they’ve dropped on the floor.

To enable diners to return their trays with more ease, more “tray return infrastructure” will be installed at hawker centres.


Come Q4 this year, similar rules may also be rolled out progressively at kopitiams and food courts.

Enforcement action will start from 1 Sep after advisory period

To help Singaporeans adjust to the new norm, there will be a 3-month advisory period from 1 Jun-31 Aug.

During this period, diners will be advised to clean up after themselves but will not face enforcement action should they fail to comply.

From 1 Sep, however, those caught flouting the rules will face enforcement actions.

First-time offenders will be issued a written warning. Second offenders will be slapped with a composition fine of $300.

Subsequent offenders may face court fines of up to $2,000 on the first conviction, reports The Straits Times (ST).

Make dining at hawker centre a more hygienic experience

Cleaning up after oneself is a practice inculcated since young.

As such, it shouldn’t be difficult – theoretically speaking – to get used to the new measures.

In any case, returning trays and other forms of litter only make dining out at hawker centres more hygienic when we are allowed to dine in again. This is of utmost importance as we live in a Covid-19 era.

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