True S’pore Ghost Stories $9.90 Price Unchanged Since 1989, Russell Lee Thanks Fans For Support

True Singapore Ghost Stories Selling Price Remains Unchanged For 31 Years

No matter their age, Singaporeans will definitely be familiar with True Singapore Ghost Stories.


Published since 1989, this bestselling series is not about to ghost you. It’s still going strong, with its 25th book published in 2017.

Stories of the occult and the supernatural are spookily addictive. But we guess a major reason behind the series’ popularity is its affordable price — $9.90.

And it has remain unchanged in 31 years, as tweeted by author Russell Lee yesterday (27 Sep).


The tweet was instant viral material, as it garnered almost 900 retweets and over 1,700 likes in a day.

True Singapore Ghost Stories at $9.90

For decades, Singaporeans have been enamoured with horror stories told through the lens of locals.

Chucky the Clown and Samara may give you nightmares for a while, but stories of paranormal activities happening in our backyard are definitely more intriguing.


Maybe because we’re familiar with almost every story’s setting, like taking the last MRT home, and spotting haunted cars on our highways. There’s pontianak tales, even.


Coupled with the author’s impressive storytelling, we’ll always remember True Singapore Ghost Stories as the series that kept us awake at night as we flipped through each page with a pounding heart.

Even though that felt like a long time ago, some things don’t change. Like the quality of its anecdotes, and the $9.90 price tag.

Fans reminisce the good ol’ days

The author Russell Lee doesn’t tweet much, but this mention of the unchanged $9.90 price has gotten fans raving about how much they enjoyed the series.

This fan recalled how Russell Lee once visited their school back in 2005.


Another fan was just as devoted. They tweeted that they’ve been reading True Singapore Ghost Stories since 1989 — the year when it was first published.


Another fan thought the time was right to crack a pun, asking whether Russell Lee was a real person. They said they had always thought he was a… ghost writer.


Time to rediscover the series again

If you’re obsessed with ghost stories and have lost touch of the series, perhaps Russell Lee’s tweet comes as a timely reminder.

With its unchanging price tag, now’s a good chance for you to catch up with True Singapore Ghost Stories again.

Even though 7th month is over, stories to do with haunted MRT stations, schools or even hospitals are timeless.

What’s your favourite story from the series? Let us know in the comments below.

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