Uncle candidly talks about life while repairing chipped car windscreen on the spot at Sims Ave

Uncle with 30 years of experience repairs car windscreen on the spot while chatting with customer

An uncle repairing a car’s chipped windscreen has won hearts online, not just for his expert skills but also for his affable personality.

Mr Ang, who appeared in a video by content creator By.makcikalert on Monday (1 April), has earned praise for his good service.

His ability to engage in friendly banter with his customers also endeared him to viewers.

Uncle expertly repairs windscreen using own tools

Posting to Facebook on Monday (1 April), By.makcikalert shared about Mr Ang, who came along to help repair her car windscreen.

The video started with him patiently explaining his work process as he quipped: “I do this [for] 30 years already.”

He proceeded to place a small plastic mirror with a suction cup under the chipped portion of the windscreen so he can see the crack, then estimated that the process would take around 15 minutes.

Using a drill with a tungsten carbide tip, he identified the small cracks and drilled them in slightly to “join” them before measuring the depth.

Having done so, he whipped out a windscreen repair bridge to which he applied an unidentified chemical. When the customer asked if that was necessary, Mr Ang exclaimed: “Must lah, I got 10 types.”

Source: By.makcikalert on Facebook


He then showed off his collection of chemicals in his toolbox before continuing to explain his work process in detail.

‘Happy guy lah’: Uncle jokes around with customers

Perhaps hoping to promote his service, By.makcikalert asked Mr Ang if anyone in need of help could just call him.

“Ya, ya, see my mood,” he jokingly responded.

Source: By.makcikalert on Facebook

The content creator teased him back, pointing out that he would attend to a “chiobu”, or pretty girl, in need of help without hesitation. To this, Mr Ang joked again, saying: “Ah chiobu can, maybe give free also.”

The happy atmosphere briefly took a solemn turn when By.makcikalert remarked that it was good he was such a happy guy.

Likening himself to an old car, Mr Ang noted that his body wasn’t in good shape anymore. “Old car — here spoil, there spoil,” he said.

Source: By.makcikalert on Facebook

In response, the OP expressed how such a state is inevitable for everyone.

As if concurring, the elderly man uttered: “Whatever it is, be happy lah.”

Shares life experiences with customers

With his glasses on, Mr Ang inspected his nearly completed work and remarked that it was easy.

Randomly, he then brought up the Car-Free Sunday event that took place recently near City Hall, where roads were blocked to encourage the public to cycle and walk.

Returning after a four-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event was one Mr Ang had highly anticipated.

Unfortunately, he found himself experiencing vertigo that day and was unable to participate.

He gestured multiple times to his chest to indicate the heartbreak he felt from the turn of events. “I waited four years, you know. Want to cycle cannot cycle,” he sighed.

Source: By.makcikalert on Facebook

Mr Ang later shared that his cycling record was for a distance of 96km, hinting at how avid a cyclist he used to be.

Used to do glass repair on buildings

Towards the end of the video, Mr Ang reflected on his past work experience doing building glass repair.

Describing himself as very “garang” (fierce) and a “Spiderman”, he recalled working on Capital Tower along Robinson Road, which has a sloped section and spans 52 storeys.

Source: CapitaLand

Back then, Mr Ang had to take a gondola up and down 17 storeys in a day.

Understanding the nature of the job, By.makcikalert guessed that Mr Ang couldn’t possibly be afraid of heights.

To her surprise, the elderly man blurted out: “Afraid, afraid! Scared like shit!”

Source: By.makcikalert on Facebook

He recounted how the long gondola suddenly felt so small when he had to share it with someone else.

And when the wind blew, the sensation was still scary even though he had a harness on.

Mr Ang eventually concluded his service by showing the fixed windscreen, which looked as good as new.

Source: By.makcikalert on Facebook

The video of the wholesome interaction, which has garnered nearly 1,000 shares at the time of writing, drew more than 100 comments praising Mr Ang and his skilled work as well as his friendly personality.

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Featured image adapted from By.makcikalert on Facebook.

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