University Graduate Holds “Job Wanted” Sign At Raffles Place, Gets Called A Strawberry

Highlighting The Woes Of Singapore Graduates

As Singaporean university students graduate, they may discover that it isn’t that easy to get a job.

On Friday (28 Jun), All Singapore Stuff reposted a picture showing a picture of a woman making that point.

In the photo, a girl is clad in university robes holding a cutout saying “Job Wanted” at Raffles Place.


University graduate image looks familiar

If you found the photo strangely familiar, here’s why.

Elizabeth Boon, an influencer and NUS graduate, did this in 2016 for her graduation photoshoot and her pictures went viral.


So what are netizens saying about this new photo?

Netizens say graduates need to be reasonable

The older generation tends to berate youth about their entitlement, and this post sparked the same reactions as the one in 2016.

In response to the post, one netizen labelled her “strawberry” — a term that suggests today’s youth can’t handle hardships.


Another netizen also gave us insight as to why graduates are ‘unable’ to find jobs.


Finally, one netizen says that youngsters must learn how to handle the ‘grind’ and ‘hustle’ in order to get what they want.


Every generation a new challenge

In the past when Singapore was experiencing tremendous growth, people had to fight extremely hard for what they wanted.

This meant that some of the older Singaporeans adopted a ‘commando-like’ mindset to keep fighting regardless of their situations.

This could be why they have a harder time understanding why youths today have such high expectations.

Okay lah, saying old people are commandos may be a stretch

Do you think the youths of today are too pampered? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section.

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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