Unvaccinated Workers In Some Sectors Must Pay For Covid-19 Tests Twice Weekly From 1 Oct

All Unvaccinated Public Servants Must Choose Between Vaccination Or Testing

From Tuesday (10 Aug), those who’re not vaccinated yet will live in a different kind of Singapore from the rest.

For example, unlike their vaccinated friends, they won’t be able to dine in at eateries or exercise in gyms.

Their working life may also be inconvenienced, as if they work in certain sectors, they’ll have to take a Covid-19 test 2 times a week – and pay for it out of their own pocket.

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This requirement will take effect from 1 Oct.

Requirement implemented in higher-risk sectors

In a Facebook post on Sunday (8 Aug), Finance Minister Lawrence Wong called this measure the “Vaccinate or Regular Test” regime.

It’ll be implemented for a start for workers in higher-risk sectors like F&B, gyms, fitness studios and personal care services.


According to a release on gov.sg, these sectors are considered higher-risk as workers interact with members of the public in mask-off settings.

Also included are those working at the borders and Covid-19 frontline work, as well as staff who deal with vulnerable persons in healthcare, eldercare and preschools.

This is to protect vulnerable segments of the population.


All public servants will also lead by example, and be required to get vaccinated or tested twice weekly.

Those not medically ineligible must bear costs

Mr Wong – who’s part of the Multi-Ministry Task Force handling the Covid-19 situation in Singapore – also revealed that unvaccinated workers would have to bear the cost of their twice weekly Antigen Rapid Test (ART).

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The Government will pay for the testing only of workers who’re medically ineligible to get vaccinated.

While it wasn’t elaborated on where or how they’ll be tested, a check on the SATA CommHealth website puts the cost of an ART at $28.

Minmed Clinic offers it for $30 inclusive of GST, and over at Thomson Medical, it’s $48.

Going by the cheapest rate, that means unvaccinated workers in certain jobs would have to fork out at least $56 a week – or $224 a month – just for testing.

Requirement will apply to more situations in future

Thus, Mr Wong urged those working in any of the identified sectors to get jabbed by the end of Sept.

Even if you don’t work in the abovementioned sectors, you may not be able to escape paying for an ART in future.

He said more workplaces, venues and events will implement “vaccinate or test” in time to come.

This will allow Singapore to open up for activities to a greater extent, while making sure nobody becomes severely ill from Covid-19.

A push to get the jab?

While vaccination is still not mandatory in Singapore, it’s quite clear that unvaccinated people will find life more inconvenient in time to come.

That’s especially if they’re working in certain jobs.

Perhaps that may be the push they need to get their jab, unless they’re excused due to medical reasons.

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