8 Glimpses Of Humanity Amid US Protests That Restore Our Faith In The World

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8 Images Of Love & Understanding Amid US Protests

People of the world were shaken when news of George Floyd’s death broke on 25 May.

Right in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Floyd suffered a cardiac arrest after being restrained by police using “neck compression”.

Just today (2 Jun), Floyd’s death was ruled a homicide

Soon after, citizens in United States started protesting in at least 140 cities, according to The New York Times. Some of them had evolved into scenes of violence.


In all this chaos and pain, it’s hard to acknowledge any good in the situation, especially for us who are miles away.

As news of violent protests have been splashed across the media the past week, not all hope is lost.

Here’s a look at 8 images that speak volumes about United States’ humanity, reminding us that there’s a surplus of goodness even in a sea of turmoil.

1. Police officers kneeling before protesters

In Downtown Portland, a Facebook user captured images of a group of policemen kneeling before a throng of protesters.


Silently bent on one knee, we can only assume they’re doing so in solidarity. Not fighting back in violence, just a simple gesture for the people.

2. Fist bumping to human kind

Fist bumps are typically casual symbols of amiability and brotherhood. This fist bump here shows just that — a friendship between 2 men.


3. Embracing differences & uniting as one

In many tear-jerking images, police officers are seen in tight embraces with people of African American descent.


Though we are unsure of specific contexts, these small gestures portray a true illustration of people putting their differences aside for love and comfort.


A hug really can go a long way.

4. Protecting an armed police officer during protests

This police officer was separated from the other officers in the midst a rowdy protest. Noticing this, a group of people formed a protective human barrier to protect him from harm’s way.


As someone rightfully pointed out, the fact that this officer was armed, only shows the mutual trust and kindness from both parties.

5. Standing united for the cause


The banner in this image says it all — “One race, the human race”. Standing together arm in arm, this police officer and African-American man exemplify the unity everyone is seeking in such a time as this.

6. Communities cleaning up together after protests

The protests and looting have brought with it destruction and disorder. But in this South Minneapolis town, people of all colours have come together to build their community back up.


7. Police heads kneeling amid protests

Just as seen, police officers aren’t the only ones kneeling on the ground in solidarity. Many high-ranking police chiefs have also come out to the ground to offer their support.


This Santa Cruz Police Chief kneels side by side with a fellow African-American man in an extraordinarily humbling moment.

8. Human chains to prevent looting

Amid the protests and looting, this group of people took it upon themselves to prevent further damage.

Forming a human barricade, these people guarded more than just the pharmacy store — they guarded order and harmony.


This just goes to show that perhaps a longing for peace is just in our nature — human nature.

Distant yet powerful images for us here in Singapore

While many of us here will never truly understand how it feels to be caught in such a situation, these images provide comfort in knowing there’s still tonnes of good even in such dark times.

The message is simple — kindness is universal.

Let’s stand for the same love and care shown in these images, built on the foundation in knowing that at the end of the day, we are all human.

Featured image adapted from Bored Panda and Twitter.

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