Vaccinated Port Worker Tests Positive For Covid-19, Over 1,500 Dorm Residents All Negative

Vaccinated People Can Get Covid-19, But Symptoms Much Reduced

On 11 Apr, a 23-year-old port worker tested positive for Covid-19, even though he’d been fully vaccinated since 4 Mar.

Although epidemiological investigations are ongoing, Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung gave further details on the dorm worker’s case on Wednesday (14 Apr).


Vaccinated workers may still test positive for Covid-19, he said. However, they are also protected from severe forms of infection and are less likely to pass the virus on.

Port worker fully vaccinated

According to Mr Ong, the worker is a lashing specialist and came to Singapore more than a year ago.

MOH said that he works at Seafront Support Company Pte Ltd and stays in a dorm at Brani Terminal Avenue.


He was asymptomatic and the result only came during routine testing.

He produces antibodies for Covid-19 and also has a positive serology test.

Notably, his close contacts, numbering at 156, all tested negative for Covid-19 during quarantine.

Another 1,500 workers at the same dorm also tested negative.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) said that the worker was fully vaccinated, and received his 2nd dose on 17 Feb.

Reminder that vaccinated people can be infected

Mr Ong noted the possibility, based on this case study, that fully vaccinated individuals can be infected.

From the findings, the vaccine can also prevent more serious symptoms even during infection, as well as reduce likelihood of the infected person passing it on to others.

Based on these findings, he still encourages people to take the vaccine when your turn comes.

Good to know that no others tested positive yet

Vaccination might not fully prevent Covid-19 infection. But if the infection symptoms are drastically reduced and you won’t pass it on to others, it should be a good thing.

Dormitory cases have also been drastically reduced since its heyday, with the last case before this one on 28 Feb.

Given there seem to be no other close contacts infected so far, it is a good sign that workers are largely protected thanks to the vaccine.

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Featured image adapted from Seafront Support Company Pte Ltd.

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