S’pore Residents Must Follow Safe Distancing Measures & Wear Masks Even After Vaccination: Gan Kim Yong

Singapore Residents Must Follow Safety Measures After Vaccination As Studies Are Still Being Conducted

Along Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s announcement of Phase 3, all Singaporeans are also expected to receive a free vaccination by the 3rd quarter of next year.

However this begs the question of whether masks and social distancing are still required. The Multi-Ministry Task Force said residents must still follow safe distancing measures even after a jab.


Minister for Education Lawrence Wong said the vaccine is not a “ticket to freedom”.

Transmission rate among vaccinated Singaporeans being studied

In a press conference yesterday, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said we must be careful with the idea of a vaccination.

A person with a Covid-19 jab does not necessarily mean that they will stop being carriers for the virus.


He added that studies are being done to ascertain the transmission rate for vaccinated Singaporeans.

Therefore, those who have been vaccinated cannot assume that they will not transmit Covid-19 to others and take off their masks outside.

Furthermore, safe distancing measures will still apply even as vaccines arrive.

Vaccination not a “ticket to freedom”

Minister for Education Lawrence Wong said measures must be looked at holistically. This includes vaccinations, testing and Safe Management Measures (SMMs).

Once it has been confirmed that the vaccine will be effective in reducing transmission risk, the government can then look at how to adjust SMMs accordingly.

Social distancing

Minister Wong concluded that the vaccine is not “a ticket to freedom” to do anything we want.

Safety first

Though many Singaporeans have grown weary and frustrated with social distancing and SMMs, it is reasonable to remain cautious until everyone is safe.

For now, there is still much to be optimistic about. After all, Phase 3 is just around the corner.

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