Vietnamese Girl Studying Art Apologises To Parents For Being Defensive, Says She Loves Them

Vietnamese TikToker Apologises To Parents In Follow-Up Video

We are all familiar with the frequent act of clashing with our parents over differing opinions, be it the football season or life decisions. A Vietnamese TikToker recently went viral for a severe argument with her parents.

The initial video shows her parents reprimanding her for her art degree. Although she attempted to keep the conversation light, she later broke down over her mother’s harsh words.

There is now a follow-up to this video, where the Vietnamese TikToker apologises to her parents for the incident.


i’m graduating next month but i still don’t know what the future holds for me, so when my parents asked me the question that i’ve been asking myself over and over, i got defensive and reacted poorly. i love my mom and dad❤️

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In a second post on TikTok, she explains that she reacted poorly to her parents’ words. Her parents have also clarified the situation, elaborating that they just want the best for their child.

Vietnamese girl studying art apologises to parents for reaction

On 13 Apr, Vietnamese TikToker Kaitlynn – aka @Kaitlynnbui – posted a follow-up video where she apologised to her parents for her “poor” response to their admonishments.

Within the caption, Kaitlynn said her breakdown was due to her fears about her future instead of a direct reaction to her parents’ words.

Source: TikTok

The conversation is also significantly less heated than in the initial video. Kaitlynn starts it off by apologising to her parents, stating that she had a poor reaction to their well-intentioned words.

Source: TikTok

“I did wrong,” she says during the conversation. “I’m sorry, mom [and] dad.”

Her mother then clarifies her harsh words by explaining that they were out of concern. She also stresses the need for concrete plans post-graduation.

Source: TikTok

“If you say you wanna do something, you’re gonna need a plan,” she says.

Kaitlyn’s mother adds that while it is hard to find an occupation in the arts industry, they will and have supported their daughter in her endeavours.

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“You can do what makes you happy,” she points out, “but you need to be able to support yourself and your family.”

Her initial video became viral

The first video by Kaitlyn, depicting a different conversation whereby her parents reprimand her for her art degree, gained much popularity on TikTok.

Vietnamese TikToker Cries While Parents Chide Her Over Art Degree, Fellow Asians Comfort Her

In the initial video, Kaitlyn attempts to keep the conversation light as her mother scolds her for her degree. However, she later becomes affected by her harsh words and breaks down.

Source: TikTok

Many Asians sympathised with Kaitlyn’s plight regarding her parents’ criticism of her chosen line of work. The comments beneath the video became flooded with words of support from fellow students also studying for an Art degree.

The video also sparked conversation regarding the stigma around studying in fields under Arts and Humanities, as opposed to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

This is a stigma prevalent not only in Singapore but, as demonstrated by the video, in other countries as well.

Parents want the best for their children

It’s nice to see Kaitlyn and her parents having an open line of communication to clarify their misunderstandings.

Our parents often want the best for us and our future. This can sometimes translate into harsh words and reprimands that rub us the wrong way.

During such situations, it can be tempting to let our emotions get the best of us. However, we must also keep an open mind, as our parents do not set out to intentionally harm us.

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Featured image adapted from @Kaitlynnbui on TikTok.

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