ViewQwest Has 2Gbps WiFi Plans That Come With Prism+, Apple TV & Omnidesk Products

ViewQwest Has 2Gbps WiFi Plans From $44.90/Month

Working from home for almost 2 years has taught us a great many things.

We need healthy routines to cope with stress. We need quick hacks to tidy our rooms before a Zoom call because it’s hard to look professional while our chou chou is quietly screaming for attention at the back.

And more importantly, we need fast, stable WiFi, so our meetings are filled with actual useful talking points instead of a dozen “Can you hear me?” questions.


A 500Mbps plan won’t be enough to meet everyone’s WFH needs at home. But ViewQwest has got you covered with 2Gbps plans from $44.90/ month¹.

Here’s the lowdown on some of their value broadband bundles so everyone can work, stream, and play efficiently without lag.

Level up WFH setup with 2Gbps WiFi bundles

High-speed WiFi is essential to the modern household, be it for work and play. Hence, the benefits of having a large bandwidth of 2Gbps, can help in your quest for speedy, lag-free connection in every corner of the house – no matter how big your fam is.

ViewQwest, dubbed Singapore’s fastest Internet service provider since 2018, offers the plan you need in a variety of bundles.

Those looking to level up their WFH setup can opt for either of these 2Gbps WFH bundles that cost from $44.90/month¹:

  • WFH Basic
  • WFH Mesh
  • WFH Pro


WFH Basic & Mesh bundles come with either a NETGEAR router or ASUS mesh system, cybersecurity software, and ViewQwest’s trademark service Freedom DNS.

Depending on the bundle you pick, here’s what cybersecurity software to expect:

With end-to-end cybersecurity protection, your work files will be secured on the network & end-device level, and hackers will be prevented from accessing your network.

As for a good router, it will usually set you back a few hundred dollars. But by opting for their bundles, you’re getting them at a discount of $269-$369.

If you’re looking for a more ergonomic-friendly setup, there’s the WFH Pro plan that throws in an Omnidesk Pro 2020 electronic standing desk in the bundle.


Equipped with a custom-built motor, the table lets you adjust its height freely.


Perfect for ensuring optimum eye-level viewing of your screen whether you’re sitting comfortably in your chair, or attending a literal ‘stand-up’ Zoom meeting.

Prism+ & Apple TV bundles for riveting home entertainment

No matter how busy we are, movie nights with the fam are sacred because it’s important to spend quality time together.

Dad might want to see explosions and gunfire in James Bond films while you and your siblings are eager to rewatch some Marvel classics before catching Eternals in theatres.

Now that you’re opting for high-speed WiFi, it’s time to upgrade the decade-old TV at home too. Trust us—you’ll need the slickest screen in town to stream movies in ultra HD.


ViewQwest’s Prism+ TV bundle does the trick, offering a seamless wireless mesh system together with the Prism+ Q55-QE Android TV. The device’s original retail price is $799.


But with this bundle, you can get everything you need from $58.90/month².

That’s not bad at all, considering how you’ll get to admire exquisite details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or even Daniel’s Craig’s suave looks – in 4K resolution.

If your entire family are devoted Apple users, then snagging the Apple TV bundle, which costs from $48.90/month³, will be a more viable option.


With crisp visuals and a powerful built-in surround sound Dolby Atmos system, you can get a thrill out of blasting music throughout the house using your iPhone or iPad to toggle the volume.


ViewQwest 2Gbps plans start from $44.90/month¹

From now till 30 Nov, ViewQwest has an array of 2Gbps plans with value add-ons, and prices start from $44.90/month, as an extension of the 11.11 sale to coincide with Black Friday.

With such heavy usage expected at home, you can still stream all day safely with SecureNet as it keeps your system free of viruses and spyware.

There’s no need to install anything—simply connect to your ViewQwest broadband, and you’re good to go. The cybersecurity software is free for the first 3 months with a ViewQwest plan.

For the full rundown of ViewQwest’s Cyber Monday deals, visit their website here.

You can also follow them on Facebook and YouTube, so you’ll never have to feel FOMO about missing out on the latest promos.

Invest in the right equipment so you can WFH smoothly

Having worked from home for almost 2 years, we’re pretty sure that some of us saw the need to splurge on a new desk, chair, and electronic devices.

After all, these items play a significant role in your WFH life and could make or break your productivity.

With so many things to prepare for at work, the last thing we need is to be bogged down by slow WiFi. Investing in the right equipment will go a long way, and your family will thank you for making the change.

¹Do note that $44.90/mth pricing applies to the first 10 months. It will be $66.90/mth thereafter.
²Do note that $58.90/mth pricing applies to the first 10 months. It will be $68.90/mth thereafter.
³Do note that $48.90/mth pricing applies to the first 10 months. It will be $58.90/mth thereafter.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with ViewQwest.

Featured image from YouTube, YouTube and Omnidesk.

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