Vision Empire Healthcare Told To Recall Masks Manufactured Without Licence

Since masks serve to protect us from viruses, they should be manufactured in a hygienic environment.

However, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has recently uncovered a facility where masks were allegedly manufactured and repackaged illegally.


The authorities have since urged Singaporeans to stop using the masks sold under the brand Vision Empire Healthcare.

Vision Empire Healthcare illegally manufactures & repackages mask

In a press release on Friday (11 Jun), HSA shared their recent discovery of the illegal manufacture and repackaging of masks at a facility in Ubi.

Officers discovered that production occurred in a makeshift environment belonging to Vision Empire International Pte Ltd.


The conditions were also apparently unhygienic, as photos show the masks stacked in cardboard boxes without extra layers of protection.


HSA seized 33 such cartons containing 2,500 masks during the operation.

Besides illegal manufacture, the firm also reportedly imported and repackaged masks before selling them with the Vision Empire branding.


Removed from e-commerce platforms

According to HSA, boxes containing 50 masks each were available for sale on e-commerce platforms. The price of each box ranged between $10 and $22.


However, the listings are no longer there. HSA has since instructed Vision Empire to recall the products pending further investigations.

HSA notes that masks from unlicensed facilities may not meet their standards of quality, filtration capability, and breathability. They also may not be able to provide wearers with adequate protection.

Moreover, storing the masks in unsanitary conditions may pose the following risks:

  • Skin irritation
  • Respiratory symptoms
  • Infections

As such, HSA urges members of the public who have bought masks from Vision Empire Healthcare to stop using them.

The list of licensed mask manufacturers can be found here.

Only wear masks from licensed manufacturers

It’s disturbing to know that businesses are capitalising on the pandemic to profit off unlicensed products.

Kudos to HSA for foiling the operations and informing Singaporeans of the consequences of using such masks.

If you know anyone who may have purchased masks sold by the company, share this article with them so they’ll know what to do.

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Featured image adapted from Health Sciences Authority