Redditor Walks From West To East Of S’pore In More Than 12 Hours Overnight

Redditor Takes Overnight Walk From West To East Side Of Singapore

As a country that places a lot of emphasis on walkability, Singapore has seen plenty of people attempt all kinds of journeys on foot.

One of the latest adventures came from a Reddit user, who claimed to have completed a walk from the West to the East of Singapore overnight.

The pedestrian kicked off their journey at Raffles Marina Lighthouse in Tuas and walked all the way to the Singapore Navy Museum in Changi.

East West walk overnight

Source: Reddit

Along the way, they documented the journey in a series of photos, which showcased various landmarks such as the Pandan Gardens Park Connector, Lucky Plaza, and Marina Bay Sands.

Redditor starts walk to the East from Raffles Lighthouse in the West

Redditor u/ballotlunch shared their journey of walking from the West to the East side of Singapore in the SingaporeRaw subreddit on 2 Feb.

East West walk overnight

Source: Reddit

The post contained 20 photos of various sights and experiences that they encountered along the way.

To start with, they took in the sunset views at Raffles Marina Lighthouse at 7pm.

They then walked to Tuas and got dinner at the DLLM Lok Lok outlet in the area. They noted that there weren’t many dinner options at the start of their walk.

HDB blocks also appeared to be rare in the areas that they passed through, as they saw only one after four hours on foot.

From there, the Redditor made their way to Pandan Reservoir, as well as Pandan Gardens Park Connector, which they described as being “quite pretty at night”.

Observes landscape of F1 Pit Building, Singapore Flyer & MBS together

By 3am, the Redditor arrived at Orchard, having covered more than half of their journey.

Interestingly, however, they found that there were still so many people and cars around that it did not feel like the wee hours of the morning.

Moving along, they were eventually greeted by an impressive landscape featuring the F1 Pit Building, Singapore Flyer, and Marina Bay Sands (MBS) all at once.

East West walk overnight

Source: Reddit

Their next stop was Keppel Marina East Desalination Plant. While the plant was completely secured, the Redditor noted that it has a publicly accessible rooftop and public toilets.

They later proceeded to Marine Cove at East Coast Park (ECP), where they refuelled with a big breakfast.

By the time they finished, they were able to enjoy a sunrise stroll along the beach.

15 and a half hours after they started their journey in the West, they finally made it to their final destination in the East — the Singapore Navy Museum.

The penultimate photo in the series showcased panoramic views of the sea surrounding the museum.

Clocks 78,000 steps during walk spanning 65km

Alongside the photos, the Redditor shared the statistics racked up from the walk.

East West walk overnight

Source: Reddit

In total, they spent 12 hours and 35 minutes walking, clocking 78,918 steps in the process.

All this added up to a distance of 65.27km.

The Redditor mentioned that while the distance provided by Google for their journey had been 52km, the actual distance they covered was longer due to some wrong turns and detours.

In the comments, they shed more light on how they accomplished the walk and their reasons for doing it.

When asked what they packed to prepare for the walk, the Redditor replied that they brought a small sling bag with a portable charger, wallet, hat, and sun sleeves.

Generally, they advised to travel as lightly as possible and buy water only when needed.

East West walk overnight

Source: Reddit

In response to another Reddit user who jokingly asked if their feet had biceps after the walk, they replied that such walks are more about endurance than strength.

They also revealed that they wore running shoes for the trek.

Source: Reddit

When one Reddit user asked them why they made the journey, another suggested that it might be a similar case to the man who made headlines during Covid-19 lockdowns for walking 450km after a quarrel with his wife.

However, the OP clarified that they simply felt it would be doable, having made an earlier attempt to walk from the North to the South of Singapore during the day.


In any case, the OP’s feat is certainly an impressive one and speaks volumes about how walkable many parts of Singapore are.

MS News has reached out to the OP for comments.

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