Johor Wants To Build 1.2KM Covered Walkway Across Causeway For Pedestrians’ Safety

The Proposed Covered Walkway Will Be Built On Existing Bike Lanes

Jams on the Causeway linking Singapore and Johor Bahru (JB) can get pretty nasty, especially during peak periods.

In an attempt to save time, some commuters may choose to cross the Causeway on foot, which can get pretty dangerous.


To improve the safety of these pedestrians, the Johor state government is currently looking to build a 1.2km covered walkway across the Causeway.

Proposed footpath will be built on existing bike lanes

Plans for the covered walkway were revealed on Tuesday (18 Jun) by Mr Mohd Solihan Badri, a Johor official.

The proposed walkway will be covered and constructed on existing bike lanes on both sides of the Causeway

The project will cost roughly S$4.91 million (RM 15 million).

129,000 pedestrians crossed the Causeway in 2018

According to Mr Badri, the Johor government found that many bus passengers encroach onto designated vehicles lanes in order to “beat the jam”. This gets worse during peak hours.

Just last year, Mr Badri revealed that an estimated 129,000 pedestrians crossed the Causeway on foot.

This CNA documentary shows just how dangerous it can get.

Despite being in the “proposal stage”, Mr Badri believes that the proposed walkway will address the existing “safety issue”.

Improving the safety of pedestrians

The task of discouraging pedestrians from walking across the Causeway may be an almost impossible one. But we are heartened that the Johor government is looking into the issue and are proposing solutions to solve it.

Perhaps more can also be done infrastructure-wise to help address other problems faced while crossing the Causeway, such as traffic jams.

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