USS WaterWorld Performer Injured After Stunt Allegedly Goes Wrong, Staff Stop Show To Help Him

USS WaterWorld Show Stopped On 17 Nov After Performer Experiences Discomfort

UPDATE (22 Nov, 10.20am): A Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) spokesperson confirmed with MS News that a performance of WaterWorld last week had to be stopped after “a performer experienced minor discomfort”. The show resumed the next day and the performer later returned to work after a period of rest.

Practice and experience go a long way in preventing mishaps when executing stunts. However, things can still go south even for the most seasoned performers.

Recently, a Universal Studios Singapore (USS) visitor was watching the WaterWorld performance when they witnessed an apparent accident.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

One of the performers allegedly sustained injuries after landing in a shallow section of the waters.

USS stunt performer allegedly injured during WaterWorld performance

Over the past weekend, a TikTok user shared a video showing the “stunt accident” that took place at the USS WaterWorld performance.

The video started with two actors seemingly in a staged brawl. One of them was attacking with what looked like a sledgehammer while the other protected himself with a makeshift shield.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

After a brief coming together, the aggressor donning the helmet came out on top and kicked the other actor onto the ground.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

The former celebrated prematurely, turning towards the crowd and leaving his back exposed.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

Seeing that his opponent’s attention had been diverted, the actor on the ground got back on his feet. He then swung several punches at the hammer-wielding performer before hurling him into the waters.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

Injured USS WaterWorld performer managed to walk off stage on his own

Even though the performer with the helmet managed to scramble to shore, it soon became apparent that something was amiss.

A female actress, who was initially on a nearby platform, suddenly came over to the audience and crossed her arms in an ‘X’, as if to call a time-out on the show.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

She later climbed over to check on her fellow performer.

The video then cut to another scene where three individuals were seen rushing to the scene — with one of them carrying a stretcher.

After being surrounded for a minute or so, the seemingly injured actor was able to walk off the stage by himself.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

The other actor also gave the audience a thumbs up, likely signalling that his colleague didn’t suffer severe injuries.

Source: @hypno_moto on TikTok

Performer allegedly landed in shallow end of water

Speaking to MS News, the OP, a tourist named Bill, said the incident occurred during the WaterWorld performance last Friday (17 Nov).

Recounting the incident, Bill said the performer appeared to have sustained the injury after falling into the shallow end of the water.

However, he was unable to confirm if the actor landed on his head or leg.

Even though he was initially disappointed by the stoppage, Bill commended the staff for prioritising the performers’ safety.

In response to queries from MS News, an RWS spokesperson said,

A performer experienced minor discomfort during a performance of WaterWorld last week, which led to the stoppage of the show. The show resumed the subsequent day and following a period of rest, the performer is back to performing.

In light of the incident, they emphasised that RWS and USS have “comprehensive protocols in place” for safety purposes.

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