Customer’s “Watery” Durian Complaint Gives Durian Stall Free Publicity

With the durian season in full swing, many Singaporeans are now buying durians in bulk to take advantage of the superior durian quality and attractive prices.

But a customer, Mr Tan, who ordered durians from a durian stall near Holland Village was sorely disappointed by the fruits’ quality.

On Tuesday (11 Jun), Mr Tan took to Facebook to air his frustrations. Here’s his post in full.


Allegedly received “watery” durian

According to the post, Mr Tan ordered durians from LeLe Durian through their delivery service.

However, upon receiving the boxes, he allegedly found that the durians were “damn watery”, which is often a sign of staleness.


Frustrated, he dropped LeLe Durian a text, with a picture of the durians he received.

He had a hunch that the durians he received were “rejected” or “overnight” durians and warned other users not to patronise the durian stall.

However, folks from LeLe Durian dismissed the accusation and insisted that they only pack “good durians” into their boxes.


Durian stall thanks him for free publicity

1 day later, Lele Durian responded to the accusations with a Facebook post of their own.


According to LeLe Durian, Mr Tan had already consumed 1 and a half boxes of durians when he made the complaint.

Folks from the stall supposedly went down to Mr Tan’s location and retrieved the remaining 2 and a half boxes of durian, and there, provided him with a refund.

LeLe Durian also thanked Mr Tan for the publicity. Following Mr Tan’s complaint, the durian stall saw a sharp spike in customers, including visits from old customers who had not bought from them in a long time.

Business was so good that their delivery services were fully booked for the next few days.

No such thing as bad publicity

If there’s one thing we can learn from this incident, it is perhaps that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”.

The next time you’re thinking of shaming a stall on social media, do think twice — you never know in whose favour the tables will turn.

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