Jurong West Hits 22.7°C Weather So The West Is Cooler Than The East

Jurong West & Newton Weather Hits 22.7°C, Cooler Than East Coast 23.5°C Temperature

The past week has been marked by days of sweltering heat that resulted in us sweating buckets.

So when it started raining on Thursday (13 Aug), Singaporeans let out a silent celebratory cheer.

Similar scenes were seen on Friday (14 Aug) morning, as estates all across Singapore saw torrential rainfall, bringing with it cool air-con weather.

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The only thing is, it seems some areas are literally cooler than others.

Downpour across Singapore, but cooler in the West

According to the Meteorological Service Singapore’s (MSS) forecast, Singaporeans islandwide can continue to expect showers at least till 2.30pm in the afternoon.


However, it seems the western regions of Singapore will be cooler than those in the East.

According to this diagram which shows the temperature across Singapore, areas like Jurong West and Newton saw temperatures dip to as low as 22.7°C and 22.6°C respectively at around 10.52am today.


Areas in the east like Changi and East Coast remained north of 23.5°C.

It seems the westies are literally cooler than the eastern dwellers this time around.

Rainy weather for the coming days

If you’re enjoying the rain this morning, you will certainly enjoy what’s to come over the weekend.


MSS predicts similar weather in the late mornings and early afternoons of the coming days.


Temperatures are expected to be between the range of 23°C and 33°C.

Enjoy the rain while it’s here

Like all good things, the rainy weather that’s upon us is unlikely to last forever, so it’s best to cherish it while it’s here.

Grab a book, a blanket, and a hot cuppa tea and chill over the weekends. It’s a refreshing break from the hectic work grind, and your body will certainly thank you for it.

Featured image adapted from Meteorological Service Singapore

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