Wet Weather Will Continue In 1st Half Of August, Expect Rainy National Day Week

Wet Weather Will Continue In August With Above-Average Rainfall In First Two Weeks: MSS

The thundery showers that fell in the 2nd half of July were a welcome respite from the blazing heat in the earlier part of the month.

Now that August is upon us, the wet weather will continue, said the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS).

This means that with just over a week to National Day, we should expect the holiday to be rainy.

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Wet weather on most days in August

In a weather advisory on Monday (1 Aug), MSS predicted short-duration thundery showers on most days in the first two weeks of the month.

These will take place between the morning and early afternoon over some parts of Singapore.

On one or two days, the thundery showers may become moderate to heavy, and be widespread across the island.

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This is due to large-scale convergence of winds over the country, as well as the surrounding region.

Rain in the early morning too

While the rain will be mostly confined to the period between the morning and early afternoon, it may occur in the pre-dawn hours and early morning, too.

On a few days, Sumatra squalls coming from the Strait of Malacca might cause widespread thundery showers to fall while most of us are still in our beds, as well as occasional gusty winds.

Thankfully, as the showers are forecast mostly for the daytime, the National Day Parade (NDP) held on 9 Aug evening should be spared.

August wet weather due to monsoon

The persistence of wet weather in August is due to the prevailing Southwest Monsoon conditions over Singapore and the region.

These will cause low-level winds to keep on blowing from the southeast or southwest, MSS said.

That means the total rainfall for the first fortnight of August will be above average over most of the nation.

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Temperature from 24-33°C on most days

Despite the rainy weather, the daily temperature on most days will still range from 24 to 33°C.

There might be one or two days in which the minimum temperature may go down a tad to about 23°C, thanks to the rainfall.

However, this will be balanced out by the maximum temperature rising as high as 34°C.

That will happen on a few days in the latter half of the fortnight, MSS said.

Warm & humid nights on a few days

Perhaps due to the relative lack of rainfall at dusk, a few nights will be “relatively warm and humid”.

The minimum temperature at night on these days will be a comparatively balmy 28°C.

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This will be experienced especially in the eastern and southern coastal areas of Singapore.

That’s because the prevailing southeast winds will be responsible for bringing warm and humid air from the seas surrounding us.

Below-average rainfall in July

In July, many parts of Singapore recorded below-average rainfall, MSS said.

According to their map, only a part of Changi and Pulau Tekong saw above-average rainfall.

This is despite more rain falling in the second half of the month compared with the first.

Source: MSS

As for July’s temperature, Marina Barrage saw the highest daily maximum temperature on 17 Jul, of 35.8°C.

On the other hand, Admiralty recorded a chilly 21.6°C in the early hours of the morning on 20 Jul.

Don’t rain on my parade

The prediction of more rain in August will likely delight Singaporeans who prefer chilling indoors.

If you’re planning to enjoy the 9 Aug public holiday outdoors, do remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat if you don’t want to get wet.

While we may be having a wet National Day week, at least it won’t be raining on our parade just yet.

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