Short-Duration Showers Mostly In Late Morning & Early Afternoon: MSS

In the blink of an eye, it’s already Aug, and Singaporeans might be looking forward to National Day and the accompanying public holiday.

However, we’ll have to expect rainy weather also, as more thundery showers will be descending on our little island.


Thus, with just 1 week to National Day, we should remember to bring out our umbrella or stay home to enjoy the cool breezes.

Weather in 1st half of Aug will differ from late Jul

In a media release on Monday (2 Aug), the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said the weather outlook for the 1st 2 weeks of Aug will differ considerably from the previous fortnight.

While there were more sunny days in late Jul, early Aug will bring more thundery showers.


These short-duration showers will occur over parts of Singapore on most days, between the late morning and afternoon.

Prevailing Southwest Monsoon will persist

The rain will be brought by the prevailing Southwest Monsoon, which is expected to persist over Singapore and the region.

As the monsoon rain band will lie close to the Equator in the 1st half of Aug, it’ll result in more rainfall over South-east Asia.


The monsoon also means that low-level winds will continue blowing from the south.

When these winds converge over Singapore, they will combine with the strong heating of land in the daytime to cause the thundery showers to become heavy, MSS added.

This will happen on some of the days in the next 2 weeks.

Showers in early morning also

That’s not all. A weather phenomenon known as a “Sumatra Squall” is also expected to make its passage across Singapore.

The condition is caused by the convergence of low-level winds over the Strait of Malacca.

It’ll bring widespread thundery showers and gusty winds in the early morning, from pre-dawn.

This will happen on a few days in the 1st half of the month.

Due to the showers in the early afternoon as well as early morning, the rainfall for the 1st  2 weeks of Aug will be above average over most of Singapore, MSS predicted.

A few warm days still to come

This being Singapore, more rain doesn’t necessarily mean the weather will be cool.

We still can expect “a few warm days” to come despite the higher rainfall, MSS said.

The temperature in the daytime may go up as high as 34°C on those days.

However, on most days, the daily temperature should range between 24-33°C.

Some humid nights to be expected

MSS also said that Singaporeans can expect some “relatively warm and humid” nights.

This will happen when winds from the southeast blow warm and humid air towards the land from the sea.

A minimum temperature of up to 28°C at night is predicted, especially over the east and south coasts of Singapore.

Don’t rain on my parade

While we may have a wet National Day week, at least it won’t be raining on our parade just yet.

That’s because the National Day Parade has been postponed to 21 Aug due to the current Phase 2 Heightened Alert measures.

Let’s hope that by then, parade-goers will enjoy clear skies for our annual celebration.

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Featured image adapted from thomas w. on Flickr.