National Day EZ-Link Cards Capture Singapore’s Resilience In Vibrant, Adorable Illustrations

National Day EZ-Link Cards Available On Shopee From 30 Jul

With National Day around the corner, more is being done to hype citizens up for the celebration.

This year, EZ-Link partnered with local artist Lee Kow Fong, also known as Ah Guo, to create a set of limited edition National Day EZ-Link cards.

While National Day celebrations may be muted this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, we shouldn’t let it stand in the way of us showing our love for the nation.

National Day EZ-Link cards to bring joy during this dark period

The EZ-Link cards will feature Ah Guo’s illustrations, which he designed last year.

Ah Guo is a renowned local artist who specialises in watercolour illustrations. His art mirrors a childlike fashion to appeal to people from all walks of life.

The theme of the cards will be in line with this year’s National Day theme, “Together, Our Singapore Spirit”.

Ah Guo’s inspiration for these pieces came from Singapore’s spirit of resilience during these challenging times.  He hopes that Singapore will emerge as a stronger nation together.

I have always wanted to use my art as a means to inspire people, and help them stay calm and positive.

Here’s a closer look at the meaningful designs to signify our Singapore Spirit.

1. A Vibrant Future

The first design depicts several excited children in Singapore as they play with each other.

Image courtesy of EZ-Link 

This reflects Ah Guo’s aspirations for Singapore’s future generation. He hopes that there will be a vibrant future for our future generations, one that’s filled with laughter, joy and happiness.

2. Higher We Go!

The second design takes us to the heartlands, as we see a lively scene that is undoubtedly a familiar sight to us all every National Day.

Image courtesy of EZ-Link 

The main feature of this illustration is a young father lifting his daughter. According to Ah Guo, this symbolises Singapore as a young nation with much potential yet to be explored.

Illustrations represent Singapore’s resilience

This set of cards represents Singapore’s spirit and our resilience during this tough period. It also signifies hope for a happier and stronger community after the pandemic.

Ah Guo hopes that his art would help Singaporeans feel more hopeful about the future.

This is more important now than ever before as we battle through the pandemic, and I am heartened to be able to share my illustrations and bring joy to Singaporeans during this time.

Chief Executive Officer of EZ-Link, Mr Nicholas Lee, hopes that Ah Guo’s illustrations would inspire the daily lives of everyday people.

National Day EZ-Link cards available at $15.60 per set

The set of cards will retail at $15.60 with no load value on EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee. It will be available from Friday (30 Jul) onwards.

Those with the EZ-Link app installed can participate in the National Day lucky draw from 6-31 Aug. To take part in the draw, users have to exchange 56 rewards points.

A total of 10 lucky winners will receive a special edition EZ-Link card that comes with Ah Guo’s signature and a $56 load value.

Emerging as a strong nation together

Times have definitely been tough with the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Singapore continues to grow as a resilient nation.

These cards signify a brighter future ahead. There is still much more to look forward to, and we will ride out the storm as an even stronger nation.

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Featured image adapted from EZ-Link.

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