White Mazda Seen With Doodles All Over, S’poreans Applaud Parents & Kids’ Loving Relationship

White Mazda With Cute Doodles All Over Warms TikTok Viewers’ Hearts

Singapore is renowned for its strict parenting culture, so much so that we were once a bastion of discipline on the show, “World’s Strictest Parents“.

While many children here may attest to growing up in such households, it doesn’t necessarily apply to all.

Some parents appear to have adopted much milder parenting styles, such as these laidback parents who allowed their children to doodle all over their white Mazda.


@adventurefinds #fathersday #fatherandson #fatheranddaughter ♬ DRAWING ROOM SERENADE – Cavendish

Leaving no space above the car handle untouched, the kids unleashed their creativity, leaving drawings of everything from tic-tac-toe games, to animals, and portraits of a happy family.

Viewing the masterpiece as proof of the family’s loving relationship, TikTok viewers expressed their adoration for the wholesome clip.

Doodles show intense tic-tac-toe fight & a happy family

On Monday (27 Jun), TikTok user @adventurefinds posted a video of a white Mazda seemingly “vandalised” with doodles.

In the video, the camera pans around the vehicle, showing the different drawings.

Source: TikTok

Though most of the doodles seemed to be random scribbles of words, some adorable drawings of animals and stick figures were visible too.

The car boot also became ground zero for an intense tic-tac-toe battle which sprung up on various spots.

On the petrol pump side of the vehicle, a drawing in blue depicts a happy family of four and a house.

Source: TikTok

It seems as though the drawings were the aftermath of a creative afternoon for the family.

Singaporeans applaud special familial bond over Mazda doodles

The sight of the cute doodles warmed Singaporeans’ hearts, with many applauding the special familial bonds that the activity showed.

Source: TikTok

One comment puts it nicely by saying that although you can buy another car, you can’t buy the times when your children were kids ever again.

Source: TikTok


And if money was not an issue, this comment suggests that the car is now “limited edition”, perhaps due to its unique “design”, something that money can’t buy.

Source: TikTok


Jokes aside, the parents have clearly decided that letting their children express themselves is priceless.

Cherish happy moments with your family

It’s refreshing to see a different parenting approach in this day and age.

While we can’t be sure about the real story behind these doodles, we can all agree that they’re a heartwarming sight. We certainly hope that the family bonded over the activity, since they decided to leave the doodles there.

Hopefully too, the kids will remember to cherish this memory for the rest of their lives.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok.

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