White Rabbit Candy Reportedly Not Halal In Brunei; Authorities Advise Removal From M’sian Markets

White Rabbit Candy Not Halal According To Brunei Authorities

Whether you’re a fan or not, White Rabbit is one of the most recognisable candies out there. Not only for its unique milky taste and gooey texture, but also for its association with our childhood.


Unfortunately, the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Brunei (MORA) claims that the Halal Food Control Division found traces of pork protein in the White Rabbit candy on sale in the country.

This is according to a tweet by the Borneo Bulletin on 18 May.


Ice cream makers in Brunei halt production

According to Malaysian news site The Vocket, ice cream makers in Brunei are ceasing production of White Rabbit flavoured ice cream.

In addition, they have promised to clean their equipment and facilities used to make the flavoured ice cream.

MORA has also warned Muslims countries like Malaysia to withdraw White Rabbit candies and products from the halal market.

Given the popularity of the White Rabbit candy and ice cream, we hope that the relevant authorities in Singapore will look into the matter as well.

Featured image from AliExpress.

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