Hi-Chew Ice Cream Bars Exist In Taiwan So You Can Officially Chew Your Candy & Lick It Too

Hi-Chew Ice Cream Now Available In Taiwan 7-Eleven Stores For S$1.60

Many Singaporean kids swear by Hi-Chew for their chewy sweets in an exciting assortment of fruity flavours like grape, strawberry and green apple.


But before you declare this ultra-chewy candy as your ultimate favourite, do know that Morinaga has already created something that’ll excite you even more.

We mean a snack that’s larger, cooler, and creamy instead of chewy — Hi-Chew ice cream bars.

I scream for ice cream

Natural fruit flavour

Each bar comes individually packed and is rectangular in shape, reminiscent of the original sweets.

Upsized Hi-Chew Candy

On the outside, the ice cream looks like just any other grape-flavoured bar, but bite into it and you might just taste the familiar flavour of a sticky but satisfying piece of Hi-Chew grape candy.

These ice cream bars consist of 2 layers — a creamy centre of ice cream enveloped by a solid grape-flavoured popsicle shell.


According to Morinaga, the ice cream is made of real fruit juice, just like their wrapped candy.

True fans may even want to try sticking a Hi-Chew gummy into the creamy ice cream, for an added ‘chewy bite’ to the snack.

$1.60 per bar in Taiwan 7-Eleven outlets

Unfortunately for those in Singapore wanting to grab a bar to beat the heat, these succulent ice cream treats are not sold on our shores just yet.

Instead, they are available at 7-Eleven convenience stores in Taiwan, for S$1.58 (NT$36) a bar.

So if you really want to get your hands – and tastebuds – on the ice cream, we suggest adding this to your shopping list for your next Taiwan trip.

Alternatively, you can also get your friends to dabao back for you, although we’re not sure if the ice cream will still remain solid after a plane trip back to Singapore.

Till this clever creation comes to Singapore though, we’ll settle for yet another bar of this satisfyingly chewy candy.

Featured image from Instagram and Japan Candy Store.

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