White Rabbit Milk Drink Is Finally Available In Singapore Starting 16 Dec

In recent weeks, White Rabbit creamy candies are no longer remnants of the past.

They have made a fierce comeback in the lives of millennials as precious White Rabbit milk drinks.

You may recall this creamy beverage was first released in July, exclusively to China. But alas, nostalgic lovers of the cherished candy, the odds are now in your favour.

Image courtesy of 7-Eleven Singapore

White Rabbit milk drinks is finally arriving upon our shores — at all 7-Eleven outlets to be exact.

White Rabbit milk drinks selling at $2

You can look forward to snagging this imported milk drink 16 Dec, which is tomorrow.

So let this be a reminder for you to hop over to your nearest store to cop a packet at $2, or even a dozen. Hey, no judgement.


In fact, you’d be wise to do if this drink sparks joy in your life, because it won’t be there forever.

Drinks are available while stocks last

We learnt from 7-Eleven’s spokesperson that the drinks are limited edition.

So once stocks are sold out, they’re as good as gone. You’d best be quick as a bunny.

As if every other limited edition release, the White Rabbit milk drinks will be stocked progressively at 7-Eleven stores across the island.

The major throwback to our childhoods we deserve

White Rabbit creamy candies were, no doubt, a big part of many Singaporeans’ childhoods. Even if you’re not into the treat anymore, perhaps you may enjoy the taste in a different iteration.

We hope this latest release will let your obsession multiply at a crazy pace like rabbits do.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and courtesy of 7-Eleven Singapore.