S’pore Woman’s Friend Buys 4D On Her Behalf & Wins, Refuses To Pass Her Winning Ticket

Woman’s Friend Buys 4D On Her Behalf & Refuses To Return Winning Ticket

When it comes to legal gambling avenues in Singapore, 4D is one of the most convenient ways to take a lucky punt at a fortune.

However, no matter how quick and easy it is, some folks may still struggle to find time to hedge their bets.

This happened to a woman who got the help of her friend to purchase a 4D ticket on her behalf.

However, after finding out she had won S$200,000, the friend allegedly refused to pass her the winning ticket.

Woman wins S$200,000 with 4D bet

On 16 Jan, a Facebook user shared about how their female colleague had won over S$200,000 through a lucky 4D bet.

Source: Facebook

In the post, the OP explained that their colleague has a habit of placing 4D bets.

One day, she missed the opportunity to place her bet and got a trusted friend to help her instead.

On the day the winning numbers were revealed, the woman discovered she had won over S$200,000 and was overjoyed at her sudden windfall.

The OP explained that the woman barely earns S$2,000 a month and has never seen such a huge amount of money in her life.

On a high from the win, the woman then promised to treat her colleagues to dinner.

She even offered to share some of her winnings with them, much to the joy of her colleagues.

Friend blocks woman after 4D winning ticket wins S$200,000

However, things took a turn for the worse when her friend who helped buy the winning ticket refused to pass it to her.

The friend even blocked the woman’s contact, cutting all ties with her.

Distraught, her colleagues suggested gathering evidence and lodging a police report.

She agreed and went to the police with text conversations, betting instructions, PayNow transactions, and a photo of the winning ticket.

Despite all the evidence, the police allegedly said that they can’t intervene as this was a private agreement.

Hopes to retrieve prize money with debt collector’s help

The OP later posted an update about the latest course of action in the comments section.

4D winning ticket

Source: Facebook

After the police declined to help, the woman reached out to Singapore Pools directly.

However, all Singapore Pools told her was that they would pay out the prize money regardless of who presented the ticket.

They also threw the ball back to the police, asking the woman to contact them instead.

The OP added that the woman is currently looking for a debt collector in hopes of getting her prize money back.

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