Woman In Canada Stabs Herself While Catching Car Keys, Requires Surgery To Remove Object

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Woman In Canada Gets Injured While Trying To Catch Car Keys Thrown At Her

In what is perhaps one of the more absurd accidents to occur, a woman in Canada managed to stab herself in the face with a pair of car keys.

This apparently happened when she attempted to catch the keys that her friend had thrown at her. The item then became lodged in her nasal cavity.

The woman had to undergo facial surgery as a result and has since fully recovered without scarring.

Woman in Canada stabs herself with car keys

Posting about the incident to TikTok, Renée Lariviere said that the incident happened back in 2017.

Source: @renee.lariviere on TikTok

About 2pm in the afternoon on a weekend, she asked her friend to pass over her car keys as they wanted to go out and grab some food.

When he did that, the keys flew up high before descending onto Renée’s face.

Reaching up to grab them somehow caused one of the keys to pierce her nasal cavity.

Source: Daily Mail

According to The Daily Mail, Renée initially didn’t believe that she had sustained any injury since the adrenaline prevented her from feeling any pain.

Looking in the mirror after, she was forced to admit that the key had become embedded deep in her cheek.

“I felt a pressure, but I felt like I just got hit [with the keys] in the face like I missed my catch,” Renée explained. “I couldn’t care less about a scar. My concern was, am I going to be able to see?”

Her friends immediately called emergency services and an ambulance took her to the hospital.

Undergoes facial surgery for injury

When Renée arrived at the hospital, the medical staff conducted a CT scan and called a plastic surgeon.

Source: Daily Mail

As the surgeon was on call, Renée had to wait for around three hours. After her arrival, the surgeon began the surgery by numbing the injured side of Renée’s face.

The surgeon then removed the key, immediately cleaning the wound up with iodine and stitching it up.

An x-ray provided by Renée in the TikTok video shows the key lodged roughly one inch deep inside her nasal cavity.

Source: @renee.lariviere on TikTok

On a follow-up appointment five days later, the stitches were removed, leaving behind a scar which medical staff advised to treat with bio-oil.

Three weeks after, the scar basically disappeared, with nothing but a white area to show for it.

Now fully recovered without complications or scarring, Renée said that the accident had amazed doctors and nurses.

“I had one of them come and ask to take pictures so he could show his students,” she said. “He was an emergency room doctor, so he was trying to show [them] that anything could happen.”

Injury was due to dumb luck

Looking back at the incident, Renée remarked that she believed it was due to dumb luck, reports The Daily Star.

“It was a near miss,” she said. “If it had hit somewhere else, it could have done quite a bit of damage.”

While she did not lose her eyesight, she had been terrified of the surgery itself or the key potentially touching something fragile if she moved.

Fortunately, nothing to that extent occurred, Renée shared.

“‘It was a relief as soon as they got the results back from the CT scan and said everything was fine,” she added.

The incident did teach her one thing, though — that freak accidents could happen anywhere and at any time.

New York Post reports that she urged people looking at her story to be more careful, especially while living their day-to-day life.

“We don’t realise how many things could happen each day and how much they could hurt us,” she noted.

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Featured image adapted from Daily Mail and @renee.lariviere on TikTok

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