M’sian Woman Claims She’s Happier After Quitting S’pore Job, No More Late Night Work Texts

Malaysian Woman Says She’s Happier After She Quit Job In Singapore

It’s no surprise that the 3.5 to 1 currency exchange rate has attracted Malaysians to work in Singapore. But what is that extra salary really worth? One Malaysian woman put this to the test when she quit her job in Singapore after four years.

She moved back to Johor Bahru (JB) and decided to restart her career there.

Although working in Malaysia paid less, she found herself happier. The JB work culture did not include late-night work texts or calls while on MC, she said.

Even so, she stated that she found Singaporeans kind and misses her companions in her church back in Singapore.

Malaysian woman says she quit Singapore job

Malaysians have come in large numbers to work in Singapore. As of 2022, the reported number hung around 900,000.

Source: Shin Min Daily News on Facebook

The favourable exchange rate certainly plays a big part, with Singapore jobs paying better in general.

In the Facebook group ‘Singapore-Malaysia Life Information Exchange Zone‘, a Malaysian woman revealed that she had worked in Singapore for four years.

Source: Facebook

Yet after all the time, she made the difficult decision in May 2023 to resign from her job. She said goodbye to Singapore and returned to JB.

In the six months since, the OP took up the job of a Grab driver. She also entered the business of real estate in Johor, as well as sales for appliance company Coway.

Unsurprisingly, transitioning to a new field in a different country was not easy.

“I’ve learnt a lot of new things,” the woman wrote. “Currently I’m still working hard.”

No more late night work texts in JB

Clearly, a career in Malaysia differed from Singapore. The OP claimed that she felt happier and her life was fulfilling.

Her current income fell behind that of the Singapore job by several thousand ringgit. Even so, she said she felt happier anyway.

“I don’t have to be scared of late-night texts from my boss for additional workload, or that my colleagues will be calling when I’m on MC,” she wrote.

Source: Adrian Swancar on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only

She added, “I don’t have to worry that being late from my cross-border travels results in deductions from my attendance bonus.”

A Malaysian YouTuber who previously tried a day in the life of these workers found it utterly exhausting.

Source: Chun Weng on YouTube

Now, she had adopted a puppy and was making headway into freelance work.

“I can finally eat breakfast without any stress, grow succulent plants on my balcony, and drink tea in a relaxed state.”

The woman opined that while she had less money, she found her happiness more important.

Woman misses people of Singapore the most

Even so, the woman said letting go of her Singapore life was no easy feat.

The OP revealed that she sobbed loudly when saying goodbye to the uncles and aunties in her church.

She ended up reminiscing over the people she knew there, rather than the country itself.

“In my four years in Singapore, I have never been looked down upon or bullied by Singaporeans. For that, I’m very grateful.”

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Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook and Adrian Swancar on Unsplash, for illustration purposes only.

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