Serangoon Resident Reportedly Shouts At Irregular Hours, Coffeeshop Customer Yells Back At Her

TikTok Video Shows Coffeeshop Customer Shouting At Woman In Serangoon

It can be difficult to deal with loud noises in our neighbourhood, especially late at night.

However, reacting to it in an aggressive manner might not be the best way to do so.

Unfortunately, this was the case in Serangoon recently when a woman was filmed yelling at a resident in the area.


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Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, neighbours alleged that the resident frequently shouts, creating a nuisance for those in the area.

Woman screams at Serangoon resident for shouting

Someone who witnessed the shouting match posted a video of it on TikTok last Friday (26 May).

In the video, a woman standing at a hawker centre cranes her head up, shouting at a resident in the HDB block across the road from her.

Source: TikTok

Her words are mostly full of Hokkien vulgarities. At one point during the conversation, she shouts, “I want to sleep!”

The 35-second clip then ends with the resident in the HDB block yelling back at the woman, although it’s hard to make out what she says.

Source: TikTok

Resident shouts on daily basis

According to Shin Min Daily News, the incident occurred at Block 204 Serangoon Central.

In an interview with the Chinese daily, a 29-year-old resident named Ms Huang revealed that she moved into the neighbourhood a year ago.

Source: TikTok

She said that she would hear a woman upstairs swearing at people nearly every day. The woman seemed to be speaking in English, but her words were unclear.

This would occur at irregular times — sometimes she would do it at 1am, other times at 8am.

Another resident in her 60s, who lives on the same floor as the screaming lady, said that the latter would typically behave in such a manner while watching the news.

“Whenever she sees news that makes her angry, she would start to yell loudly,” she explained.

The resident added that the woman in the coffee shop downstairs may have had enough of the screaming that day, so she scolded her.

Reactions from neighbours regarding incident

While some of the woman’s neighbours cannot bear the constant shouting, others are indifferent to it.

Mr Wang, a resident, said the woman would often wake others up with her shouting at as early as 3am. However, they have gotten used to it over the years.

“She would shout at the window or the kitchen, and even scold passers-by,” he said. “The situation was even more serious during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Other neighbours on the same floor said the woman, who used to be a teacher, had moved in around five years ago after seemingly returning from abroad.

She’s currently unemployed and has been living alone since her mother and brother passed away.

The Chinese daily understands that a few social workers have come trying to help but to no avail.

To get to the bottom of things, a reporter visited the woman’s house to get her side of the story.

With a hoarse voice, she denied yelling and stated that she was just watching the news. She maintained that she has never scolded anyone before.

Neighbours had said that she would get emotional while watching the news and yell at passers-by downstairs.

They added that she would usually dress neatly and be seen going on shopping trips by herself.

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