Video of woman swinging cat in S’pore was from Nov 2023, she deeply regrets her actions

Woman dances while swinging cat around in viral video

UPDATE (4 April, 6.40pm): In response to queries from MS News, the SPCA shared that it has met with the woman seen swinging the cat in the video, who clarified that the clips were recorded last year. She also expressed remorse for her actions and showed a new video of the cat appearing safe and healthy. You may read further details of the SPCA’s findings below.

Meanwhile, NParks also confirmed that it’s aware of the video and is investigating the incident.

A woman is receiving a lot of flak online after clips of her swinging a cat around went viral on Facebook.

With the feline in her hands, she danced and flailed about, sending the creature swaying in all directions.

Source: Facebook

Animal lovers have since called out her actions and urged the relevant authorities to intervene.

Woman seen swinging cat around in Facebook videos

Videos of the woman swinging a cat around first emerged on Facebook on Tuesday (2 April).

While they attracted much criticism, they didn’t go viral till someone shared them in the ‘Sayang Our Singapore’s Community Cats’ Facebook group today (3 April).

The caption simply said: “I know her address. Cat abuse!”

The first video, which is 25 seconds long, captures the woman swinging the cat left and right in rather wide arcs, as its limbs flail about in the air.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, a 15-second clip shows her switching from carrying the cat in one hand to another. She then twirls around on the spot, taking the feline spinning along with her.

Source: Facebook

Whether the animal is a community cat or someone’s pet is unclear.

OP urged to report matter to authorities

Replying to some comments on the post, the OP claimed that the woman in the video is a domestic helper.

Source: Facebook

As such, some netizens suggested reporting her to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Others proposed contacting the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) or the Animal Veterinary Services (AVS) via the Animal and Bird online feedback form.

Source: Facebook

Several Facebook users have alleged that the incident happened in Boon Lay, though we’re unable to confirm that at the time of writing.

On the woman’s Facebook page, the comments are no less scathing, with many netizens imploring her to not do what she did in the videos.

Source: Facebook

MS News has reached out to the OP for more information and to find out if any reports have been made. We’ve also contacted the woman involved for comments.

Woman expresses remorse for her actions

Responding to MS News‘ queries, SPCA’s Executive Director Ms Aarthi Sankar confirmed that the welfare organisation was alerted to the video on Wednesday (3 April).

Officials made a home visit the next day (4 April) to gather more information, during which the woman concerned expressed remorse for her actions.

According to the SPCA, the helper “did not realise her actions could have hurt the cat”.

She also claimed that she recorded the video in Nov 2023 but someone who created an account in her name reposted it recently.

The SPCA added that she showed them a video of her petting the same cat gently on 3 April and the feline “appeared safe and healthy”.

Nevertheless, it has filed a report with the authorities. Ms Aarthi said:

We have emphasised to the helper the importance of interacting appropriately with animals, and the potential harm her actions could have caused. The case will also be escalated to the authorities for their further action. While we were unable to find the cat in his/her usual haunts to check on wellbeing, we are in contact with the community caregivers and will follow up accordingly.

In light of the incident, the SPCA urges everyone to be “respectful and gentle” when interacting with animals. In any case, if one is unsure, admiring an animal from a distance would be the best option.

Meanwhile, NParks confirmed with MS News that it has “received feedback on a video that shows a woman swinging a cat around, and is investigating the matter.”

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