Car Crosses Kerb At Woodlands Checkpoint To Make U-Turn, Netizens Laud Effort To ‘Siam’ Jam

Car Attempts To Make A U-Turn At Woodlands Checkpoint To Avoid Heavy Traffic

We all deal with the pain of traffic congestion on the Causeway in different ways. Some of us make the best out of the situation by whiling the time away and eating food off the bonnet of our vehicle.

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Others may not have the patience to wait in line, feeling eager to escape the daunting lines of traffic.

This time, the latter type of driver caught netizens’ attention at the Woodlands Checkpoint. A motorist was so determined to turn out of the lane that he mounted the kerb.

He eventually managed to exit the traffic, heading back to Johor Bahru (JB).

Car makes U-turn at Woodlands Checkpoint

According to a Facebook post by SGRV ADMIN, the incident occurred on Wednesday (22 Jun) in one of the vehicle lanes close to the Woodlands Checkpoint.

In the video, a motorist ahead of the OP turns their vehicle around, clearly fed up with the seemingly unmoving traffic.

The car mounts the steep kerb and attempts to cross to the opposite lane.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

This proves to be a challenge, though, as there isn’t much space in either of the lanes. The driver has to edge in and out of the lane continually.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

Despite these obstacles, the driver continues to persist with the Herculean task and finally manages to make their grand exit.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

Once free of the shackles of traffic, the driver makes a quick turn and heads towards the JB checkpoint.

Netizens applaud driver’s effort to escape jam

The driver’s little adventure has not gone unnoticed by netizens, many of whom appreciated the effort it took to escape the traffic jam.

Some users commended the vehicle, noting how it probably aided the driver’s ride to freedom. To be able to mount such a high kerb, after all, is no easy feat.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

Others were more empathetic, stating that the driver might have had to make such a U-turn due to an emergency.

Source: SGRV ADMIN on Facebook

As for undecisive first-time car buyers, look no further — you might want to consider getting an SUV.

Practise caution at all times

The traffic jams at both land checkpoints have been reportedly heavy for the past few days. In this instance, the driver may have had something urgent to attend to.

But whatever the reason, it is worth noting that such actions can increase the risk of collisions, especially considering the narrow space of the lanes.

Whenever possible, avoid making such turns during these situations except during emergencies.

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Featured image adapted from SGRV ADMIN on Facebook.

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