Woodlands Pasar Malam Has 1-Litre Ice Cream Shakes, Takoyaki & Korean Corndogs Till 27 Jun

Pasar Malam Near Woodlands MRT Has Sweet Treats & Korean Corndogs

In April, a bazaar brought plenty of unique treats like satay and s’mores to residents in Woodlands.

Woodlands Bazaar Has Food Trucks & Stalls Selling Treats Like Satay, Sushi & S’mores

While that event has ended, a new one is bringing more delicious delights to Woodlands again — this time, a pasar malam with its own interesting food and drink offerings.

From now till 27 Jun 2022, folks can fill their stomachs with different street food, from Korean corndogs to Japanese takoyaki and even a 1-litre ice cream shake.

Woodlands pasar malam has Japanese street food like okonomiyaki & takoyaki

In a post today (27 May), Facebook page Singapore Atrium Sale shared a glimpse of the wide variety of food available at the pasar malam.

Besides the classic fares like vadai and Ramly burgers, the newly opened pasar malam also boasts yummy Japanese treats.

woodlands pasar malam

Source: Japanese Takoyaki on Facebook

Pop by Golden Bee, a takoyaki stall that specialises in Japanese street food, to get some takoyaki with classic fillings like prawn, squid, and chicken with cheese.

Source: Japanese Takoyaki on Facebook

Foodies keen to taste something different can try their premium menu, which appears to be takoyaki with lobster filling.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

They also sell Japanese pizza or okonomiyaki, which you can have with chicken, crabmeat, prawn, salmon, or lobster, slathered with a mentaiko mayo sauce.

If the queue gets a little long here, hop on over to another stall, Gemok’s, which similarly sells takoyaki at just S$3 for five pieces.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

Snack on Korean corndogs & Taiwanese crispy chicken

Though the Internet hasn’t seen as big of a food trend since Dalgona coffee, we can agree that anyone would get excited about cheesy Korean corndogs.

No need to stress over where to find one in Singapore, as several stalls including this one by Manggo Bossku are selling the cheese stick corndog or Gamja-Hotdog.

woodlands pasar malam

Source: Mangobossku Last Warning on Facebook

You’d be in for quite the experience after biting through the crunchy outer layer and getting to the gooey, cheesy middle. The mustard and ketchup on top only enhance the flavours.

But if you find it a tad spicy, you can grab a mango float immediately from the same stall to wash everything down.

Chicken lovers may want to get multiple servings of their Taiwanese crispy chicken too, considering how precious the protein has become in light of the impending Malaysian export ban.

Source: Mangobossku Last Warning on Facebook

1-litre ice cream shakes for thirsty folks

Nothing rounds up a meal better than a dessert or sweet drink, which you can find a combination of at Milk Singapore.

For S$6, you can get a 1-litre ice cream shake made with real fruits, brown sugar milk, or iced teas.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

The huge serving means you can share the drink with your besties, so you won’t get a sugary overdose.

Source: Milk Singapore on Facebook

After gathering all the food and drinks, you can sit at the tables and benches where the whole fam can take a break.

Source: Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook

Since the pasar malam is just outside Woodlands MRT station, you’ll have no trouble finding it. But here’s some useful info in case you need it:

Woodlands MRT Station Pasar Malam
30 Woodlands Ave 2, Singapore 738343
Dates: 27 May-27 Jun 2022
Nearest MRT: Woodlands Station

Whether you’re a Woodlands resident or just happen to be in the area, do drop by for a visit. Who knows what interesting foods you’ll be able to find and enjoy there.

Eat to your heart’s content

Pasar malams have been returning all over Singapore lately, and we gladly welcome them.

With classic favourites and exciting new treats, we’re sure everyone will have wonderful gastronomical experiences at these events.

We hope that the pasar malam will run smoothly and that folks will enjoy their time there with their families and friends.

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Featured image adapted from Mangobossku Last Warning on Facebook, Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook & Japanese Takoyaki on Facebook.

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