Fully Vaccinated Work Pass Holders From Higher-Risk Countries Can Enter S’pore From 10 Aug

Fully Vaccinated Work Pass Holders Can Start Applying For Entry Approval: MOM

Fully vaccinated people in Singapore will finally be able to enjoy some freedoms from 10 Aug, like dining out in a group of up to 5.

As we’re easing restrictions for the fully vaccinated in the country, we’ll also be similarly paving the way for those outside the country to enter.

That’s why fully vaccinated work pass holders will now be allowed to enter Singapore from 10 Aug.


This is despite them arriving from higher-risk countries or regions.

Work pass holders from higher-risk areas can start applying

In a media release on Friday (6 Aug), the Ministry of Manpower (MOH) said it plans to resume entry approvals for work pass holders and their dependants in a safe and calibrated manner.

That means they’ll be allowing them to start applying for entry approval, even if they come from so-called “higher-risk” areas.


According to the MOM, the only “lower-risk” countries/regions are Brunei, Hong Kong, Mainland China (including Jiangsu Province), Macao, New Zealand and Taiwan.

The rest of the countries in the world are defined as “higher-risk”.

Proof of vaccination status must be shown

To successfully enter Singapore, the work pass holder and any dependents he or she brings along must bring documentary proof of their vaccination status.

They have to show this proof before boarding the plane, and upon arrival in Singapore.

If such documentation isn’t shown, they’ll be denied boarding or entry.


If they’re medically ineligible to get vaccinated, they should appeal for exemption with a doctor’s letter before they apply for entry approval.

Proof of overseas vaccination also needed

Work pass holders who’re fully vaccinated would probably have been vaccinated overseas.

Thus, even after entering Singapore, they must show documentary proof of this overseas vaccination and a positive serology test from a private healthcare provider designated by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

This will enable them to update their vaccination records in the National Immunisation Registry (NIR).

If they don’t do this, their work pass privileges may be suspended or revoked.

Also, the update needs to be in within 2 weeks after they’ve completed their Stay-Home Notice (SHN) in Singapore.

Yes, that means they’ll still have to do SHN despite being fully vaccinated.

Vaccination not required for dependents below 12

For dependents who’re below 12, vaccination is not required for entry.


Dependents aged between 12-17 also can enter without being vaccinated, but they must get their 1st jab in Singapore within 1 month.

Their 2nd jab then has to be within 1 month of the 1st one.

Not applicable to domestic & construction workers

The condition to be fully vaccinated won’t apply to certain workers for now.

These are domestic workers and S Pass and work permit holders from the construction, marine shipyard and process sectors.

That’s because their industries are already conducting initiatives to being these workers into Singapore safely.

To cut the risk of these workers bringing in Covid-19, there’ll be “tightened end-to-end safe management processes”, MOM said.

We must open up as vaccination rates rise

Due to the nature of our economy, Singapore needs migrant workers for a wide range of essential services.

Thus, as more Singaporeans and those in other countries ramp up vaccination rates, we have to try to reopen our borders to work pass holders.

However, we have to do this while not compromising the health of the community.

Hopefully, we can strike a balance between relieving our manpower crunch and keeping Singapore safe from large outbreaks of Covid-19.

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