Cheerful Bus Interchange Worker Uses Ladder To Save Guy’s Day

Lending A Hand

Sometimes all it takes is a good deed from a cheerful stranger to brighten one’s day.

Twitter user Josef Wong (@josefwong_) found that out when he wanted to surprise a friend with some balloons.

Flyaway Balloons

However, he posted on his Twitter page a photo of the balloons stuck to the ceiling of a bus interchange.



Apparently, the presumably helium-filled balloons had escaped his grasp and flown up to the ceiling.

Steps To Rescue

Help was at hand, though, as a man with a ladder, who looked like he was at work at the interchange, helped him retrieve the balloons.



Good Samaritan

Mr Wong got his balloons back, and took a photo with the kind stranger in gratitude.



The balloons aside, the man’s warm smile is enough to warm the heart.

Thanks For Helping

Kudos to “the man with the ladder”, whoever you are!

Featured image from Twitter

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