WP Supporter Pens Touching Note In Chinese During Walkabout, Encourages Candidates To Fight For Seats

Workers’ Party Supporter Gifts Candidate Encouraging Note In Chinese

Walkabouts and home visits are an iconic part of Singapore’s General Election that even Covid-19 can’t do away with.

It’s a special time when candidates campaigning to be Members of Parliament (MPs) get to see what will hopefully be their future residents, chat with them, and just get to know the people in the area.

Abdul Shariff Bin Aboo Kassim, a first-time Workers’ Party candidate for East Coast Group Representation Constituency (GRC), shared a poignant encounter during yesterday’s (2 Jul) walkabout.

A resident wrote him an original note on the spot, cheering him and other candidates on in the tense battleground of GE2020.

Workers' Party Chinese noteSource

Elderly man wrote Chinese note for Workers’ Party on the spot

Mr Shariff shared how the note came into his possession.

He introduced himself to an elderly man, telling him that he was from Workers’ Party, before the man walked back into his home.

Confused, he wrote that he initially thought the man had told him to leave, but was relieved when he returned with a handwritten note.

Workers' Party Chinese noteSource

It seems like the uncle actually took the time to quickly pen down a heartfelt note on the spot, just to give it to him.

Moved by encouraging note

With the help of a friend, Mr Shariff managed to decipher the Chinese message.

It read:

everyone has a sacred vote
everyone ought to vote wisely
vote for one who serves the people
so vote for the red hammer
workers’ party.

Moved by the encouraging words, he wrote that he would “not go down without a fight”, given the hotly contested East Coast GRC he’s campaigning in.

Netizens showed support in comments

Netizens, too, were moved by the inspiring note and Mr Shariff’s fighting spirit, cheering him on in the post’s comments.

Some were moved to tears by the note, thanking Mr Shariff for “being courageous” for Singaporeans.

Workers' Party Chinese noteSource

Others reminisced about other inspiring note, assuring Mr Shariff and Workers’ Party that they had their support.


Multiple comments advocated the Workers’ Party, even saying that they fully believed they’d come out on top on Polling Day.


Rallying our candidates during difficult times

This year’s General Election is like no other – it’s gotten heated, messy, and even ugly for some.

Opposition or ruling party, our candidates are putting up respectable fights despite the limitations Covid-19 has cast upon them.

Whether they’re successful or not, this General Election is a historical landmark, and we have to give it to them for running in such unprecedented times.

Here’s to more inspiring stories in the week we have left before Polling Day.

Featured image adapted from Facebook

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