S’poreans Urged To Unite To Overcome Post-Pandemic Challenges With Purpose: WP’s National Day Message

WP’s National Day Message Highlights Need To Address Existing & Future Struggles

National Day isn’t just the perfect opportunity for us to take stock of Singapore’s progress but is also a chance for us to take note of current and upcoming challenges. PM Lee addressed this in his National Day message, assuring Singaporeans that the government will be assisting with the rising cost of living.

Govt Doing Everything Necessary To Help S’poreans With Rising Prices: PM Lee’s National Day Message

Likewise, the Workers’ Party (WP) issued a message to commemorate the special occasion.

While acknowledging the progress Singapore has made thus far as a nation, WP also urged citizens to unite to tackle the challenges ahead.

WP’s National Day message highlights challenges ahead

For their National Day message this year, WP cited a need to address oncoming challenges.

Source: Workers’ Party on Facebook

In the past, Singapore has had to struggle with much to emerge as an independent country.

“A shortage of domestic industry, a heavy reliance on foreign businesses, and a lack of housing were all challenges that had to be overcome,” the WP statement read.

Despite these obstacles, Singapore managed to overcome them and emerged as one of the Four Asian Tigers in the 1990s.

In present times, similar obstacles lay in our path to further success.

WP stated that over-reliance on foreign labour inputs, shortage of globally competitive local businesses, high housing prices and inflation are just some of the challenges present today.

In addition, working Singaporeans also face “stiff global competition” and “pressures of modern life”, putting strain on financial resources and mental health.

To address these struggles, WP is urging Singaporeans to unite on the road ahead,

With a collective effort, we will be able to overcome today’s challenges to build Singapore into the nation we want it to be.

Proposals to streamline path to progress and development

In their message, WP also mentioned their proposals which are intended to assist with these post-pandemic challenges.

Their proposed initiatives include the use of macroeconomic tools to ease inflation and lower the prices of housing, medical treatment, and transport.

WP claimed that these solutions are aimed at improving preventive health, breaking the poverty cycle, addressing environmental issues, increasing accessibility of the justice system, and empowering women.

According to WP, MPs and volunteers are also reaching out to residents to touch base on their concerns and needs in their constituencies.

Message emphasises the importance of unity against challenges

The National Day message by WP has stressed the importance of unity against current and future obstacles.

Even as the pandemic eases, we still live in difficult times of rising external tensions and economic concerns.

As we move forward, let’s take this message to heart and unite as we further our country’s progress and development.

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Featured image adapted from Pritam Singh on Facebook and WP on Facebook.

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